Name Progress!

We were so out of ideas, we were seriously considering using Big 10 mascots to name Plum Baby.

Neither of us attended a Big 10 school.

The situation was desperate.

But after last week’s ultrasound, we were able to arrive at two real first name contenders.

Girl name: my favorite all along!  I’ve just slowly convinced my husband of its perfectness. It is sweet and feminine without being annoying or cliche.  It is a name that will fit at 2 or 82.  It is a name that will fit in in the business world or the arts.  It follows a trend we set with Mr. Pickle Pumpkin’s name. It is kind of in homage to my mother and sister.  It begins with an A.

Boy name: though he can’t explain exactly why he did this, my husband used to sign his cards to me with this name (not his name).  We’re kind of quirky like that.  He just liked it.  And he knew a cool kid with the name. I admitted to myself last week that the name was growing on me.  It sounds good with our last name.  It isn’t boring.  It isn’t trendy (I just can’t go the trendy route with little boy names). It just seems to fit. It begins with an S.

Any guesses?

What say you?

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