Things I Don’t Understand…

1. Why people are obsessed with Macarons.  They’re fancy Oreos, right? They are everywhere I look.  And they look like they take WAY too long to make.  No thanks.

2. Why I have items on my to do list that are 8 months old.  I’m not THAT much of a procrastinator.  Maybe I’m just bad at putting realistic things on my to-do list?  Hmmmm…

3. The popularity of DWTS.  Actually, the popularity of most movies playing in theaters.  Oops, that’s my inner snob talking.  But truly, I’m not THAT much of a culture snob – I like “Long Island Medium” after all.

4. Why Theresa on “Real Housewives of New Jersey” is so awful. I can’t watch it anymore.  Truly. Blargh.

5. How every trip to Target can cost $75.

6. DJ Lance Rock’s hat. Or his outfit.

7. Advanced navel gazing.  Some folks I know spend so much time analyzing themselves, their actions and their choices that they never actually learn anything, do anything or choose anything.

8. Most of what my son says.  It sounds important, and he is quite insistent, but I think he might be learning Slovakian instead of English.

9. Why I am incapable of putting myself to bed at a reasonable hour. G’night!

10. Gum chewing. I’ve been known to enjoy a stick of spearmint every now and again to freshen. But to those constant chewers? Why?  Why?!

What say you?

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