Names. Redux.

So we thought we had a boy name all picked out.  A good one. It begins with an “S”.

But then we were talking the other night, and both expressed reservations. We loved it at first, but now?

We arrived at the following conclusion:

(Warning: My language is about to become base and vulgar…)

The “S” name?  It would make our child sound like a douchebag.  Yes, we actually decided the name was “douche-y”.  I am ashamed to admit, that is the word we used.

If we named him “S” he would end up a jerk who thought he was cooler, smarter and more important than he really was. He wouldn’t take responsibility for his actions.  He would blow people off.  He would drive too fast.  He would say jerky things and then pretend he was just joking, saying something like, “I was only kidding when I called you ugly and fat, can’t you take a joke? Sheesh!”  He would drive a douche-y car, and work in sales, and his hobbies would include his hair, karate at Cobra Kai, and objectifying women.  No.  The “S” name wouldn’t work at all.

So we’re back to the drawing board. If you have any suggestions for boy names, we’re listening!  No d-bag names, nothing too hipster, too cutesy, too modern, too original (weird spellings aren’t our thing), too common (we already did common with Mr. Pickle Pumpkin), too short, too long, too boring, too girly, or too tough sounding. If you come up with something, let me know…

What say you?

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