Things I Like Thursdays!

TIL #1:  My In-Laws

I admit it.  They’re great.  Sure they’re quirky and have annoying habits, but hey, I’m quirky with annoying habits too.  They’re good people.  They have good hearts and strong characters.  They raised a great kid, who turned into a great man, who eventually turned into my husband.

MIL once made a birthday cake for America on the 4th of July.  Enough said. She prefers wine and cake to any real food and likes to add sweetness to anything and everything savory.  Pork?  Add apples and raisins.  Stuffing?  Add apples and raisins.  Chicken?  Add apples and raisins.  She doesn’t listen to music much but does like Il Divo.  And Josh Groban.  And yoga music.  And Peter, Paul and Mary.  She makes a real attempt not to gossip or speak ill of others… ever.  She is thoughtful, and helpful, and makes my life easier every week.  She loves Mr. Pickle Pumpkin to the end of the world and back.  I know for sure that no matter how many grandchildren she has, he will always be her favorite.  And he loves her too.

FIL is my husband’s step-dad.  He is a crusty Yankee, who speaks rarely, and isn’t necessarily kind when he does.  But I get him.  And we legitimately appreciate and love one another.  Though he’d never say it.  He’d change my break pads though.  I’ve known him since 2000 and I’ve never hugged him.  And I’m kind of a hugger.  He doesn’t like pizza or garlic or pasta (how is that possible), but otherwise we like the same stuff – raspberries, lemon-flavored stuff and gummy candy.  He always does the right thing, like getting enough sleep, maintaining his cars (and house, and second house, and lawn, and business, and… you get the point, the guy is always working at something), brushing his teeth, saving for retirement, eating balanced breakfasts.  And he is capable of everything from designing and building complicated machines to making the world’s best applesauce, oil painting, guitar playing and cartwheels.  Though he’d never mention he could do any of those things.  However, he does have this strange quirk of claiming to have seen every movie ever made.  We’re not sure when he watches them, because he’s always working or doing.

This week they are the Things I Like because they have taken Mr. Pickle Pumpkin for the entire weekend so we can have an entire 48 hours away!  WOWZER.  We’re headed to the city to do things that are hard to do with a toddler around.  (Get your mind out of the gutter, people!)  We’re going to have long, lovely meals out.  We’re going to sleep late.  We’re going to a museum.  We’re going to a movie in a theater.  And we’re going to IKEA.  (Okay, that last one is doable with a toddler, but it’s more fun without one.)  Thanks to FIL and MIL!  Hooray!


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