I would never! But I had to.

The elderly mother of a friend started living it up a little too much in her assisted living home.  When her doctor asked her if perhaps she was taking a few to many pills, or having a few too many cocktails she was shocked and exclaimed, “Oh! I would never!” and then followed that up with a very sincere,  “…but I had to!”

I use this line.  A lot.  It makes perfect sense to me.  There are lot of things that I know better than to do.  Yet I do them anyway.

Timely Example 1: Today I decided to eat a donut that I didn’t need at all.  Even though I know that after a decadent foodie weekend, I need to up my veggie intake and down my caloric intake, I decided that a chocolate glazed donut was the choice I had to make thing morning.

Another food-related “I would never! But I had to!”???  Crab Rangoon Dip.

Are crab rangoon (or is it rangoons?) available nationally?  I remember the first time I discovered them.  My local, small-town Chinese restaurant had “Fried Cheese” on the menu.  This baffled me.  I had heard of mozzarella sticks, but what were Chinese people doing frying cheese?  I didn’t see cheese anywhere else on the menu.  The mystery nagged at me until one day, a friend ordered it.  And it all became clear.  I should do some research about this, but I’m pretty positive that Crab Rangoon is not an authentic dish.  Fried wontons, stuffed with cream cheese, crab (well, they SAY there’s crab in it, but I think I’ve only ever seen flecks of surimi), and scallions or onions.  Dip it in duck sauce and the game is over.  Maybe I should have titled this post “Guilty Pleasures”.

So I’m dying to try this dip I found.  I’ve dubbed it Crab Rangoon Dip, and I’m leaving out the jalapenos. My sister made it in a mini crock put and dubbed it ah-maz-ing. She added some sugar to make it taste more like the crab rangoon we’re used to.

So for our next potluck, I’m bringing this.  First four ingredients? Cream cheese. Sour cream. Mayo. Butter.  I would never! But I had to!!!

What say you?

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