The Boy Clothes Lament…

Baby/toddler girl clothes are just so much cuter than boy clothes.  Wandering through Macy’s the other day I noted a whole section of fancy holiday dress items for girls.  The boys’ section?  A few argyle sweater vests.

What do I see in the land of girls’ clothes?  Options!  Colors!  Selection! Fabrics!  I have a sneaking suspicion that the Plum Baby in my belly is of the XY variety.  This will be good for my wallet since he can have all of Mr. Pickle Pumpkin’s hand-me-downs.  And thankfully, my sister is having a baby girl in April, so I now have an excuse to venture over to the magical land of girls’ clothes.  I suspect fulfilling my need to purchase girl clothes will make me a popular auntie.

Things I Would Like to See in the Boys’ Section:

  • Bright colors
  • Interesting fabrics and details
  • Stripes
  • Less brown
  • Less dogs
  • Less sports
  • Less “My Mom Is Hot/Tough Like Daddy!” stuff (barf)
  • Cozy and comfortable wares that aren’t sweatpants
  • Less cargo pants
  • Less camouflage (I’m not dressing my kid in camo, I’m just not)
  • Less skulls and crossbones (sheesh, these clothes are for 2 year olds)

So help me out… great boy clothes that fit the bill and fit my budget???

What say you?

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