Exorcist Needed

Yes, yes, I am possessed by a little wriggly 25+ week bambino in my lower belly, but I fear I may also be possessed by some other kind of demon/angel who makes me want to reorganize my life.

Yesterday, I wanted to do nothing but stay home and bake.  Those who know me well are laughing their little patooties off right now. That statement alone makes it clear that my possession is very real in a “I am not Dana, I am Zool!” way.

Today, everything I saw needed cleaning and/or organizing.  Spiderwebs appeared out of nowhere in my hallway.  I couldn’t imagine how I was surviving with my pots and pans cupboard in such disarray!  I felt the urge to re-organize my recently (as in 10 days ago) organized gift/wrapping closet.  Hall closet?  I must recycle those batteries ASAP! Jewelry box?  A mess!  Linen closet?  In shambles!  Silverware drawer?  In need of serious work!

Silverware drawer.

Yes, I have lost it.

Perhaps it is the cold weather approaching that makes me feel the need to nest and organize. Perhaps it has something to do the fact that I will be snowed in, while hugely preggers, with a toddler, and a husband whose work schedule pretty much makes him a stranger for the first 1/3 of the year.  (Why does Jack Nicholson’s “Here’s Johnny!” face keep popping into my mind?)  Perhaps it has to do with the pile of presents Mr.Pickle Pumpkin is going to receive from family and friends (where will we put it all?!).  Perhaps getting a handle (even a little bit) on the stuff, and my own nest will help the rest of my life feel a little more peaceful and under control.

Or perhaps I’m just possessed by some maniacal House Elf…

2 thoughts on “Exorcist Needed

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