Things I (Would) Like Thursday…

1. A prenatal massage.  I’d get one, but I’m a little hesitant.  Last time around I got a wonderful massage and my water broke that evening (I was at 37 weeks and 1 day).  I’ll wait until I’m full term to get one, just in case.

2. A salami sandwich with dijon mustard on bad-for-you white bread.  I would like one per day, or maybe two thankyouverymuch. No cold cuts?  Boooooooo.

3. My co-worker to GET IT.  I am not in IT, but I have patiently explained ___________ (fill in the blank with basic word processing, Office or Outlook tasks) many times.  In several instances, I have taken time out of my day to write out directions for you. Please.  Please, just leave me alone.  Follow the directions.  I don’t know how to explain, again, what a shortcut is.

4. I would like to just pick a crib, and order it.  What the heck am I waiting for?  It’s kind of like a diner menu – too many choices and I’m paralyzed by indecision.  I need one page of choices, not 26.

5. A cold beverage.  Because I am obsessed with cold beverages.  It feels like an addiction. Truly.  What a strange pregnancy craving.

6. More beets.  I ate a huge pile o’ beets at lunch today.  So good.  Earthy, purple yum.  And now I’ve gotta get some more.  You can’t beat the beet!

7. Not to have to hoist and haul and groan, and flop myself over in bed. I have officially reached the unwieldy stage o’ this pregnancy.  My husband says I groan dramatically (in my sleep!) every time I turn over.  Worst part?  I know it isn’t going to get any better.

7a. I would like to wake up to pee less times during the night.  See also, number 5.

8. To know why my hands are suffering from cold weather dryness for the first time ever in my life.  I never understood those gals slathering on the hand cream.  Now I do.  It ain’t pretty.

9. A lower insurance deductible.

10. A nap every day. Nothing extreme.  Maybe an hour.

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