Caw! Caw!

This is a crow.

I am having him for dinner.

Just the other day, I lamented about a co-worker who just doesn’t seem to get it.  She still doesn’t.  But yesterday, after it had snowed much of the day, I waddled my way out to the parking lot to go home for the night and there she was… cleaning every bit of snow off of my car for me.  Just because she’s nice (and she is nice.) Who’s the jerk now?  That would be me.

Thank you universe for the reminder that patience, kindness and good humor are the goals.  And that you’ll happily slap me on the hand for my snarkiness if I deserve it. Message heard.  Loud and clear.

I am also a jerk because two close friends had babies 2 months ago and I still haven’t figured out a way to see them and their little bundles.  In my defense, my household has been sick with the Never-ending Cold (yick) which we have been passing around and around and around.  I wasn’t about to take my sniffly, snot-dripping Pickle Pumpkin to visit a newborn.  But still…

In happy news, the new crib is assembled, as is the new changing table.  Things are starting to come together.  I am a good assembler.  Husband is not.  Try not to picture me heaving my preggo self around on the floor wrestling with a big white crib.  It wasn’t pretty.  But it’s done.  I was completely obsessed and concerned with the ridiculous chemical smell coming off of the crib when we took it out of the box.  I guess that’s what we get for being cheap?  A new baby with a lifetime of respiratory ills?  But seriously, the off-gassing was totally unacceptable.  I did much research, and decided to air out the room, get a bunch of plants, and see if it improved at all.  It has made a world of difference.  I have 2 more months until Plum Baby arrives.  After that he/she will sleep in our room for a few months, so the nursery will have plenty of time to off-gas.  But why should I even have to think about this stuff?  I want a non-toxic crib, made with non-toxic components, that is safe for a baby.  After all, it is a crib.  Why do I even need to talk about toxic fumes?  Unbelievable.

On tap for the weekend?  It’s going to be very exciting.  I’m going to try to figure out how to scrape the crusted-on toddler goo off of my dining room table without ruining the table.  And I’m going to consider some kid friendly place mats.  Somebody call the fun police!

Be well all.



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