The Hardest of Choices

It was a sad day.

The timeline:

Two friends who were occasional lovers discovered they were unexpectedly pregnant.  The news was shocking and scary.

They spent the past few weeks navigating this new normal, and working out who they were going to be (and not be) as a couple, friends and as parents.  They made the decision to embark on the journey together.

Prenatal testing revealed some heart-breaking information about the fetus they were carrying.

After careful consideration of all options and possible outcomes, they made the gut-wrenching decision to terminate.

It’s hard to offer them the support they need – it is hard to know what they need.  It is hard to figure out the right things to say, especially as they gaze at my big pregnant belly.  It is hard not to worry about the little Plum Baby in my own belly.  It is hard to figure out what I would do in a similar situation.  No matter how different our situations are, it is hard not to at least wish – just a tiny bit – that they had tried.  But I can’t walk in their shoes.  And I am in no position to judge.  I know their hearts are true, and good. I know their intentions and hopes are true and good.  I know this was the toughest decision they will ever have to make.  I just wish the tough stuff wasn’t so tough sometimes.  And I wish them grace, and strength, and courage, and healing.

(I’m aware of the elephant in the room here, and consciously chose not to tread into the complicated realm of religion and religious belief in this post.  Instead of going there, I’m choosing to send positive and healing thoughts, and I hope you’ll do the same. Thank you, Friends.)

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