Yes and No


… to not scrimping on toilet paper. Don’t buy the cheap stuff!

… to shoe repair

… to sometimes choosing comfort over cost (in our case, setting the winter thermostat a few degrees higher, oil costs be damned!)

… to naps

… to reading the Travelzoo e-mails even though you know darn well you’re not taking any fabulous vacations in the near (or even not-so-near) future

… to stalking friends’ baby and wedding registries (live vicariously, I say!)

… to sometimes facing the 6am sleepies because you were up way too late reading a great book

… small, everyday kindnesses


… to air fresheners – this includes scented candles (I know, blasphemy!)

… to silk flowers (with rare exceptions)

… to fake sugars

… to Tom Brady – I’m supposed to like him, but I just don’t.  And I think he looks like Lurch from The Addams Family:

… to fake butters

… to most commercials whose demographic is 25-34 year-old males

… to baby/kid books that are shorter than the blurbs on their back covers (and while I’m at it, I am also firmly against the terrible, stumbling rhymes found in way too many kiddo books – moth/move? flush/whoosh? Argh!)

… those weird cotton tops that look beaded, tie-dyed, and printed all at once.  Overload.

… any color diamonds other than clear.

What say you?

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