Mama Time!


I needed a day like today.  And I’m not going to feel any mommy guilt about it.

Happy Full Term to me!  37 weeks today.  I still can’t believe it.  Until my heartburn kicks in, the Plum Baby wiggles, I try to hoist myself off of the couch or walk, etc.

Sidenote: Clearly the heartburn is making an impact not just on me, but on my son. He has started imitating me burping.  No joke.  It is at the same time hysterical and terrifying. He says, “Mama, brrrap!”  Awesome.  Really.


I dropped Mr. Pickle Pumpkin off at daycare – and then, I did whatever I wanted to do.  Except nap.  I didn’t fit in a nap.  And I didn’t do anything exciting.  But the day was all mine.  And it was sunny.  And I drove here and there and listened to the radio.

I got myself some breakfast.  I got myself a NEW PHONE.  (Hooray!  Though, I now need a new computer too.  Typical.)  The new phone was a gift from my sister, and I think I am now in love with an electronic device.  J’adore!  Next, I went to the Carter’s outlet and bought Plum Baby two new bring-me-home outfits – one in pink and one in blue (okay, I got a few more things too).  I took myself out to lunch at a place that has the world’s best non-alcoholic beverages with free refills (I drank my weight in yumminess, for reals), I ran some errands, I did a little laid-back grocery shopping.  I got myself a huge bunch of beautiful organic raspberries (yum), a new book and 4 scratch tickets (cheap ones, but it still felt like a bit of an indulgence).  I took a long shower.  I picked Mr. Pickle Pumpkin up early.  I had a nice dinner with my parents.  They sent me home with leftovers (score!), and Mr. Pickle and I had some nice cuddle time before bed.  I made hubby some homemade mac and cheese, paid some bills, and I’ll go to bed early.


I didn’t install blinds, or do any laundry, or clean.  And I didn’t go to work.

I should do this a few times a year.  I think it is is certainly restorative.  And probably makes me a better mama.

And in more good news… my own mom is feeling better, Bethanny Ever After is back, AND I have a haircut scheduled for this week.  Win, win, win! Stay put a few more days Babykins!

Maybe I’ll ask Siri when I’m going to deliver…

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