It’s Tuesday, I’m in Love

I love…

… Bruce Springsteen concerts. Laurel Snyder’s blog post, “On being a serious fan…” sums it up nicely.

…  beets.  They taste like earth smells, only sweeter.  And they’re the most beautiful color.

… my son’s double hair whorl and the back of his soft little neck.

… pedicures.  Sure, this is an obvious one, but truly, I think I should be able to write these off as medical expenses – they’re that good for me.

… going out to eat by myself.  I first got used to this when I was traveling solo.  Now, I use this as “me” time.  I don’t have to cook, I clean out my purse, or write a note to someone, or check out the NYT headlines on my iPhone.

… my new purse.  Even when I’m feeling worn out, my purse makes me feel shiny and bright.  A little tacky?  Yep, probably.  And I don’t care. 

… this contraption: The Fisher Price Rock ‘N’ Sleeper.  Portable, cozy, and better than those little baby bouncy seats.  Why didn’t I have one of these when Mr. Pickle Pumpkin was teeny?

… my grunting, snorting little newborn girl.  She is hysterical. She is noisy, and sounds like an 8 pound elephant.   Must remember to videotape her antics to play for her prom date!

What say you?

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