My Kingdom for a Gift Receipt!

There are some kid gifts that parents love, some they loathe, and some that they have love/hate relationships with.  These include:

LOVE: Gift certificates. The end.

LOVE/HATE: Blocks, Legos or other items with lots of small pieces.  Great toys.  Kids love them.  They are great for imagination, fine motor skills, so many things.  But there are always. pieces. everywhere.  And toddlers especially think one of the best things about blocks is dumping them on the floor (and in the case of Mr. Pickle Pumpkin, yelling “CRAAAAASH!”).  I am forever picking up blocks. And damn, those suckers hurt when you step on them by accident.

LOATHE: Make-up kits.  As a little girl, I would have loved to get one of these.  Now that I know parents of little girls (and have my own little girl!) I can see why this is a street-walker, wall-scrubbing, disaster in the making.

LOVE/HATE: Bathrobes for newborns. Granted, they are ridiculously cute.  But they are entirely impractical.  Newborns don’t want to lounge around in bathrobes, like mini-Hefners.  They want to be cozy and comfy.  And as a parent, my first priority is not putting my newly-cleaned, sweet-smelling bambino in a bathrobe.  My priority is to get that bambino in a diaper before he/she is no longer clean or sweet smelling.

LOATHE: Gum-ball machines. My sugar-sensitive sister got one of these when she was 8.  We still talk about it, 20+ years later.  If you’re thinking of getting a gum-ball machine for the children in your life, print out directions for “gum removal: hair,” “gum removal: upholstery” and “gum removal: carpeting” and include them in the package.

What say you?

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