Things I Need to Remember…

I haven’t started Miss Plum Bee’s baby book yet.  Whoops.  I know that’s the norm with Baby 2, but I promised myself that I would be different!  I’m not.  And I’ve considered, on a nearly daily basis, starting a little kiddo journal.  I would write in it every day, or a few times a week and just make short notes about the things they’re doing, learning, saying. But I haven’t done that either.  Bad Mama.

There’s just so much.  There is so much about Mr. Pickle Pumpkin that I promised myself I would try to remember.  And it’s gone.  As I sat today, holding a softly sleeping Bee, I implored myself to remember the feel of her soft lips when I kissed them.  To remember her milky, warm breath. To remember the reddish color of her hair.  Her sweaty hands. Her eyelid stork bite. Her dimple – same cheek as my dimple. The way her little tongue quivers when she falls asleep eating her bottle. Her scrunched up, stretching face.

My mom makes me crazy.  But she’s right about a lot of things.  She always told me that the first child is amazing, and the second is precious.  I get that now.  With Mr. Pickle we were amazed by what he was doing, when he was doing it, and whether we were helping him hit his milestones. I am more content to let Miss Plum Bee just be. With Mr. Pickle, it was all new, and the focus was on the “what next”.  With Plum, the focus is on the “what now.”  Of course, I am more relaxed this time around, I think that’s just natural.  I’m loving my time with Miss Bee and I want to keep those baby snapshots in my brain forever.  But I know they’ll fade (heck, I can’t remember what we did this morning!) so perhaps I’ll get working on that baby book…



What say you?

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