I should be in bed.  Hours ago.  Today was a long day.  I had gooey visions of my last day of maternity leave. I would bake.  Or at least I would get a lot of good cuddle time, good play time, and sunny smiles with my little peanuts.  Instead, I was feverish and sick.  And exhausted.  Not a good day for my patience-reserves to be low.  Mr. Pickle Pumpkin was up with a cold, cough and fever last night.  So I was up too.  He was exhausted all day, but was so far beyond tired that he couldn’t nap after a short snooze on the couch this morning.  My sweet, though stubborn, little boy was a disaster.  A willful, biting, flailing, hyper, flinging food disaster.  All day.

And Miss Plum? She was better than her brother.  And is really a pretty good little doodle.  Except she didn’t feel like napping today either.  Even though I was feeling rough, I decided a walk would brighten everyone’s day.  Plum wailed the whole time.  I decided a brief trip to see Grandpa would make the day better. Plum wailed the whole time.

What is that “Thud! Thud! Thud!” you hear?  That is me. Banging my head against the wall.  I searched my bathroom cabinet for some Calgon to take me away.  Alas, none to be had.

So I’m back to work tomorrow.  Nerves frayed.  Sick.  Tired.  And I have no idea where my non-maternity work clothes are.  Or even if they’ll fit.  Blargh.  And I’m returning to an office that has undergone major changes in the last twelve weeks. And people there are sad and scared.  I don’t know how this new schedule is going to work – how we’re going to make it all work.  But we will.  And after all this whining, I will choose gratitude over annoyance. And sleep over blogging.

Good night.


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