Two or three?

Mr. Pickle is confused.  Or just silly.  Or maybe both.

He turned 2 in May.  But he insists, though I’m sure he doesn’t quite understand the concept of numbers and counting, that he is three (“fee!”) and not two.

On second thought, perhaps he does understand the concept of counting, since he is consistently asking for “fee” and not two gummy vitamins (aka treats, aka “peets”).  And yesterday, he distinctly asked for “ten” – a number I had not yet heard him use.

Anywho, I digress.

Mama Lesson # 48: Don’t let Mama watch the videos of her labor, and post-birth. She gets all clucky. 

Like Mr. Pickle, I’m confused about 2 and 3, too.

The conversation has started.  Do we have the time and energy – not to mention the money! – for Bebe #3?  Yes, Miss Plum just turned four months old, but I’m getting older, and we’d probably get down to business and try to have a third sooner rather than later.  But can we, should we, could we?

I’m trying to quiet my brain on this one…

… two healthy babies, no guarantees on the third!

… three in part-time daycare would be more than our mortgage!

… we’d forever have to get TWO hotel rooms! (Why this is important to me, I don’t know.  I can’t recall the last time I stayed in a hotel.)

… my parents were at every extra-curricular I had.  With three this would be impossible!

… MINIVAN?! Blech!

… I’m already exhausted!

… our house is too small!

There are one-million-three-hundred-thousand-twenty-four reasons to stop at two.  The reasons to try for number three are more vague, less concrete, more emotional than practical.  I guess some part of me feels like our family may not be complete yet.  I feel like the fact we’re even pondering another little one, means that we should give it a go. I feel like our hearts have plenty of space to love and nurture another small little being.  I love being pregnant.  I love my two little doodlebugs.  I love watching my husband lovingly, and patiently parent.

So while my head says “Three is crazy talk!” my heart says “Go for it!”  I’m guessing that my heart will win out.


3 thoughts on “Two or three?

  1. Whaaaaa? I couldn’t even finish the word. It would seem so much easier and obvious if you lived in France!! Hooray for government intervention and help!

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