With love from…

Dear Coworker,
No matter how much you try to convince me otherwise, calling Thursday “Mini-Friday” makes absolutely no sense.
Very truly yours,

Dear Front Desk Person at the Gym,
Yeah, I tried to scan my membership card the wrong way. Yeah, maybe I haven’t been to the gym in a while. So what? DON’T JUDGE ME.
S. Tartlet

Dear Life,
I know you are often unfair, but just knowing that doesn’t make it any easier.

Dear Dinner,
Please cook yourself tonight.

Dear Mr. Pickle,
You are amazing.  And loving.  And silly.  I want to tell everyone how awesome you are, all the time. And yes, of course, I’ll read you another book, even though it is way past bedtime.
Love and hugs,

Dear Netflix,
We are not meant for one another.  Our relationship is not healthy.  I don’t make time for you, and you just take take take from me.  But I just can’t quit you.
Sarky Tartlet

Dear Bachelorette Emily,
I hope you pick Jef, even though his hair is weird and so is the spelling of his name.
A Viewer

Dear Reader,
Yeah, I watched The Bachelorette this year. What’s it to ya?
– S.T.

Dear Plum,
Thanks for being so reasonable.  And so cute.  And smiley.  And for being patient with me as I figure out this whole girl clothes thing. And please forgive me for letting the cat scratch your little head.
Hugs and love,

Dear Universe,
Thank you for the 1.5 hours of coordinated naps yesterday.  It rocked my world.

Dear Weekend,
Please hurry.
Warmest wishes,

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