Resolve Revisited.

At the end of 2011 I dedicated a post to my New Year’s resolutions.  I’m revisiting those resolutions here and giving myself grades for each one.  Self-assessment = brutal = ouch.


1. Use up bath products

The good stuff:  I threw away my self-tanning products.  (Okay, perhaps I threw them away in anticipation of this post, but it still counts, damn it.)  And while I was under my sink, fixing a slow drain (please, no applause,) I got rid of some more stuff.  Sigh. Sometimes it is just so hard to part with things. Even things you didn’t really want in the first place.  Years ago – YEARS, people – I received a big box of high-end hand soaps and lotions.  I never really used them because they weren’t my kind of stinky.  I’m sure they smelled great to someone, just not me.  But I couldn’t make myself throw away bottles of $30 hand lotion.  Until today.  Goodbye stinky expensive lotion.  I tried to make it work, I really did.  We just weren’t meant for one another.

The bad stuff: I bought these giganterous (new word, I like it) buckets o’ shampoo and conditioner at Target when they were on sale so I’m not using up my old shampoos and conditioners like I could be.  I also realized that I have about 40 mini-perfumes in my drawer.  Many moons ago I went through a buy-a-lot-of-mini-perfumes-from-eBay-phase.  Not one of my better phases.  I haven’t really worn perfume since 2008 – I just kind of stopped.  Wait, that is about the same time I stopped wearing cute, uncomfortable underwear AND it is the same year I got married.  I am sensing some unfortunate cause and effect here but that is a post for another day.  Anyway, I don’t know how I am going to work my way through those tiny little bottles of smelly.

Grade: B-


2. Freeze Something

The good stuff: I did freeze a bunch of things in prep for Miss Plum’s arrival.

The bad stuff: A lot of it is still in the freezer dying a slow death.

Grade: B


3. Make something.

The good stuff: I MADE A BABY.  FROM SCRATCH. (With hubby’s help, of course.)  That has to count for something.  I made a blog.  I made some neat Shutterfly books (okay, I’m stretching here), and I started writing a children’s book.  A rhyming children’s book.

The bad stuff: The sewing machine sits, alone, unloved, unused, weeping quietly.

Grade: B- (saved from a “D” by Miss Plum!)


4. Read something.

The good stuff: I did read some books.  I don’t remember what they are (except for “The Hunger Games”) but I did read some.  Clearly, I should read better, or at least more memorable books, eh?

The bad stuff: Magazines aren’t books.

Grade: B


Overall:  First, I am much chagrined by the fact that I have the most to say about my bath product resolution.  Ouch.  That is sad.  Second, based on the first half of the year, this gal ain’t graduating with honors.  But, all things considered, I am making slow-but-steady progress.  Next week I will revisit the topic with my mid-year resolutions.  Any suggestions?

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