Mommy Admissions

I actually let my child drink “blue juice” (aka Gatorade) the other day.

We rarely wash binkies, and never sterilize them when they come out of the package.

Speaking of, my son who is 26 months old, still loves his binky and uses it at night, and in the car.

Neither of my kids had newborn photos taken.  And I didn’t do a maternity photo shoot, or a labor and delivery photo shoot, or any kind of photo shoot.

My son is clearly ready to potty-train, but his parents (*cough-cough*) are too lazy to make it happen.

I order from far more than I’d like to admit. (Free shipping? Late night kiddo shopping sprees? The goodies arrive the next day? Yes, please!)

I’ve never used cloth diapers.

My son has eaten french fries, and non-organic, non-homemade chicken nuggets. Both from McDonalds.

I use my kids as my excuse to leave events or to avoid events I don’t want to attend.

Sometimes my son wears a t-shirt to bed, and then to school the next day.

Miss Plum certainly gets more laissez-faire parenting than her brother did.  This includes generic formula, non-homemade baby food and a much earlier start at daycare. And a lot of, “Plum, just lie there for a second, I’ll be right back.”

My son’s crib? A deadly 22-year-old drop side hand-me-down.  He’s the 6th kiddo to survive it.

And I suspect this list will only get longer as they get older. Le sigh.

What say you?

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