Oh the Things You Can Find!

Who remembers the Sharper Image catalogue? I do. I always thought their gadgets were amazing, if impractical. So imagine my delight when I found this website: This Is Why I’m Broke. (Warning: major time suck!)

They have created a site that indexes some of the most amazing gadgets and products. Some made me scratch my head, some made me laugh, some made me cringe. They say it is the coolest stuff you can find on the web, and some of it is. Here are a few examples of the weird and wonderful stuff you can find there (click on the photos for links to the sites where this stuff can be purchased)…

Pizza T-Shirt – Why on earth would anyone wear this? On second thought, I could ask this question of 30% of people in the local mall at any given moment.


G2 Flourotec Cybernetic Head System – Wait, what? I have no idea what this is, but I kind of want to wear one to work.


Wall Outlet Safe – One step up from those key-holders-that-look-like-rocks. I can’t decide if I would be considered very cool, or very paranoid if I had one of these.


Solar System Lollipops – I am just dorky enough to think these are neato.


Shrub Air Conditioner Concealer – I have a feeling this would look as real and natural as those you’re-not-fooling-anyone cell phone towers that are supposed to look like trees.


Beer Can Track Lights – Clever repurposing, and probably perfect for a lot of man caves.


Gun Egg Form – Another head scratcher. I’m failing to make the connection here. Eggs? Guns? Um…


Balloon Lamps – Oh, I do love a little whimsy. These are great. I would love night lights like this!


Unicorn Mask – The idea of a unicorn mask doesn’t creep me out. But the unicorn in the suit with the cell phone kind of does.


Man Candles – Scents like “First Down” and “2×4” – yes, these really exist. LOVE.


Ear Earrings – Another in the “huh?” category. Also in the “kind of gross” category. More proof that you can find everything – including things you don’t want to find – on Etsy.


Watercolor iPhone Case – I’m not a painter but there is just something so lovely about this. I want it.

Go check it out… I promise you’ll find at least one head scratcher, one “why didn’t I think of that” and one “I need that”…

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