Thanks! The Grand Finale!

50 Days of Gratitude

Days 41 through, er, 49

Okay, so clearly calculating calendar dates isn’t my strong suit (even when I use a nifty online date calculator).  What was supposed to be 50 days of gratitude turned into 49 days of gratitude.  I am not less grateful, I am simply less accurate.  I consider it a happy accident, because my very favorite number in the world is 49.  It really is.  Think about it – it looks random and odd, but it is a square!  And the 4 and the 9?  They are both squares too!  Joy joy!  (Yes, perhaps I do have some quirks.)

Back to the list…

188. Lounge wear – Now that I am “out” in the blogosphere – meaning that my family, friends and boss(es) now know about this once-secret blog – I feel a bit constrained.  I feel a bit like I can’t say what I want to say, like here, where I want to write, “When I get home for the day I love my lounge wear because I don’t really like to wear pants.”

189. Feeling rested – Someday I will achieve this again, I just know it. 

190. ShortbreadOh no! I just linked to the Panera Nutrition Calculator! Don’t click on it.  No, really don’t.  But I guess I shouldn’t be shocked that the nutritional info ain’t so pretty when a food is made up of butter, with some butter added. I may attempt to make a copycat using this recipe here

191. Darn Tough socks – These are so great I wrote an entire post about them. Really.

192. Art – Of all kinds… including this kind…

193. Dumplings

194. Lap cats

195. Ice cream – Some ideas for new flavors: raspberry square (oatmeal cookie and raspberry swirl in vanilla ice cream) and trifle (vanilla rum ice cream with yellow cake pieces and custard and jam swirls)

196. Maple trees

197. The smell of the heavy Sunday Times

198. Good bolognese – Having no Italian blood in me whatsoever, I have to turn to my favorite recipe source, Cooks Illustrated.

199. The comfort of my own bed

200. Big band classics

201. Raspberries – These little sweeties are always in my top 3 of favorite foods ever ever.

202. Wildflowers in the median strip and other examples of beauty in unlikely places

203. Museums

204. Relaxation

205. College – Oh sweet nostalgia. It appears have finally reached the age where I can safely say, “Youth is wasted on the young.” Bonus? I can also say: “Get off my lawn!” 

206. New crayons – Is there anything that says “anything is possible!” like a new box of crayons? (Well, maybe a lottery win, but you catch my drift.)

207. My left-handedness

208. My husband – for too many reasons to list

209. EZ Pass – I used to pay the tolls with tokens! TOKENS!  I am that old.

210. NEW COMPUTERS! – Sure, my husband will probably try to get many many miles out of this push present/birthday present/anniversary present but I don’t care!  It’s mine, all mine!

211. Baby bath time

212. Coconut cake – One time, on a rare trip to my parents’ cellar – a dark, scary, dirt-floored, spider haven – I found a half-eaten coconut cake on the bench. What a mystery!  It turns out, my father was sneaking down to the cellar to eat coconut cake out of the view of me and my mother who were on diets.  It has become a family joke. And coconut cake is still a favorite.  Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a Smith Island Coconut cake – they are incredible. 

213. Maps

214. Whimsy

215. Sunglasses

216. Long weekends

217. Belly laughs

218. Lemonade

219. Those potette travel potty things – Yes. It’s true. I’m thankful for a travel potty.  But seriously, when your 2.5 year old says, “It’s time!” That means IT.IS.TIME.  Our trip back and forth to New York City was made infinitely easier because we had one of these along. 

220. The Majestic – A magical view of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade from our 4th floor perch above the crowds.  I’m pretty sure I was more excited than my too-small-to-remember children.  It was awesome.

Pickle and Spidey

221. Kids who travel well

222. King sized beds

223. Cherries

224. My family

Central Park – Late Afternoon

225. My friends

226. Love

227. Hope

228. Peace

229. Kindnesses

230. Humor

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