Thing I Like Thursdays!

I am either 4 days late or 3 days early, you choose!

Things I Like Thursdays Monday!


Jacquie Lawson Online Advent Calendar

As children, my sister and I adored our advent calendars.  Even though they were cardboard, and contained no presents or chocolate, I just loved that a little surprise awaited me every morning.  Fast forward about 25 years…

My mother loves Jacquie Lawson and her online cards.  You’ve probably seen them: cute scenes, dogs or teddy bears, twinkly music, mildly interactive, cutesy?  Yeah, that’s them.  Me? I’m just not that into e-cards, no matter how lovely.  So I was skeptical when I received the “Someone bought you an e-advent calendar!” e-mail.  But consider me converted!!!

Alpine Advent Calendar

This thing is AWESOME.  It syncs up to your computer so it knows the date and time and it is full of really neat details.  We have the Alpine Advent calendar. My son loves it and I love it just as much.  Some days it is interactive – making snowmen, designing stockings – some days you just get to watch lovely winter scenes.  It is well worth the $3.00.  I’ve even considered buying the London version, just because!

Jacquie Lawson Alpine Advent Calendar

Jacquie Lawson Alpine Advent Calendar

Post-It Notes

I know this is an obvious choice.  They’re cute and they’re useful.  My little cube of neon 2″ x 2″ Post-It Notes is a little present I buy myself.  Sometimes happiness IS an office product.

Admission: when I get to those slim sections of white Post-It Notes in the middle of the neon happiness I throw them away.

Cube o' Happiness

Cube o’ Happiness

Honorable Mentions:

This card.  I wish I had someone to send it to.

Yes please.

These measuring cups.  They look a bit impractical and breakable, but I’m a sucker for hedgehogs and otters.


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