A Monkey! A Monkey! My Kingdom for a Monkey!

BOOM! Yes, I did just make a Richard III reference in my title.  Poor guy, they just found him under a car park. How does a king end up under a car park? 


Recently, a friend sent a link to this blog post: “Searching for The Glow Stick” by Jason Good.  It made me chuckle, since we struggle mightily with those toy pieces strewn about the house (*clears throat* the train table he got for Christmas? The track stayed assembled for 2 days and was then destroyed in Godzilla-like fashion by Plum the Destroyer).   And we know all too well the various items Pickle MUST HAVE in his bed before he can even consider going to sleep.  Because after a while (who am I kidding – after 8:30pm!) it just isn’t worth arguing about anymore.

Items in Pickle’s twin bed include:

1. Pickle

2. Twin-sized comforter

3. Twin-sized down comforter (or King-sized, depending upon whether there has been a recent Pull-Up breach)

4. Crib-sized, double thickness fleece blanket

5. Frog Pillow Pet (that he adores; this thing does not wash well, ew)
Stinky Frog Pillow

6. Alfie (18″ teddy bear)

7. Cubby (30″ teddy bear – Cubby is soft and huge)

8. Baby Bear (10″ adorable Steiff he got when he was born)
Baby Bear

9. Monkey Head Blanket #1 (he loves these things.  Seriously, we have 6 of them.  As back up.  Because we need nearly $100 of tiny stuffed monkey head blankets.  Parenthood makes you do crazy things.)
My Kingdom for a Monkey

10. Monkey Head Blanket #2 (just in case)

11. Sippy cup halfway full of water (it is not full, because we are trying to avoid middle-of-the-night Pull-Up breaches)

12. Large, yellow Mercedes Matchbox

13. Large, blue BMW Matchbox

14. Small, red Ferrari Matchbox

15. Flashlight that looks like a bug and whose batteries last forever
Lightening Bee?

16. 3 books (these vary night by night)

He has two, child-sized pillows as well, but one month ago, these fell off the bed and onto the floor on the side of the bed that is hard to reach so there they stay.  On occasion his bed also contains a noise-making tanker truck and this musical bus toy he got for Christmas.
Beep Beep Bus!

I suspect pretty soon he’ll be asking to sleep in our bed, because there simply isn’t any room left in his.

So tell me, what is the strangest bedfellow your little one has insisted upon?

What say you?

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