Mama’s Minivan

So we did this…

Yes, this is a minivan.

Yes, this is a minivan.

A year ago – maybe more – I took the champagne flutes out of the cabinet and a slew of sippy cups took their place.  Now, I own a minivan.  Transformation complete.

And the reason for the minivan?  We also did this…

Baby 3 - aka Pistachio

Baby 3 – aka Pistachio

The tiebreaker Tartlet is scheduled to arrive in January.

So far I’ve heard all of the regular responses:
  • You only have 2 hands!
  • You’re going to need a minivan! (Check!)
  • You’re going from a man-to-man defense to zone defense!
  • You DO realize there is birth control, right?
I’ve also heard:
  • Don’t stop at 3, have more!  (Interestingly I heard this from two good friends, both men, both with 3.)
So yeah.
I guess my husband and I have always felt like three was our number.  So we’re going for it.  I’m not going to lie.  We recently crunched the numbers and it seems crazy.  I had two grumpy/sick children last night and slept 4 hours last night, it seems crazy.  We will have 3 children under 4, which seems crazy.  (Aside: I DID just meet a woman who had her first and then 10 months [!] later had twins, so she had 3 under the age of 1!  She survived.  That makes me feel a bit better. Kind of.)  So yes, it does feel a bit crazy.
And we’ve used up both our names.  So Baby 3 is currently being referred to as “Commodore”.  Here’s hoping we come up with something before January.  A friend suggested that I refer to Baby 3 as “Pistachio” here on Sarky T.  I like it.  We’ll have a Pickle, a Plum and a Pistachio.  Works for me.
I’m trying to enjoy this pregnancy (thankfully, I have few complaints) as it is (very very very) likely my last. I’m trying to set into memory the butterfly kicks, and changes my body is going through. Everything happens earlier this time around – the good stuff – like feeling the kicks, and the not-as-great stuff like the waddle, round ligament pain, and heartburn.  The midwife calls it 3rd baby syndrome.  I trust her – she has 4.
An adventure, for sure.

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