Things I Like Thursdays

Happy Summer! Sun, fun, more sun! Hooray!

But one thing I dislike about summer? My big kids need a bath every night.  It goes like this…

Me: No fighting! No splashing! No spitting! No hitting! Don’t even pretend to splash! Don’t get the floor wet! Don’t even look at each other! Don’t bug each other! Yes, Pickle, growling in your sister’s general direction is considered “bugging” her! Plum, while I didn’t specifically state that pouring a huge tub of water over your brother’s head wasn’t allowed, it is, indeed, not allowed!!!


But then, when it is over, and they are cozy in their PJs with combed hair that doesn’t smell like sand, sunscreen and pretzels (pretzels?) I love bath time.

I cursed the purchase of those Crayola bath crayons with the swirly colors, because they dyed my tub, and then got stuck in the drain. Ugh.  But the Crayola color Bath Dropz for the bath? MAGIC.  They are awesome.  And so far, I haven’t let the kids see me drop them in, so they actually think that I am magical and have the power to change the color of the bath water with my mind.  Just another mommy super power, yessir.  Word to the wise?  Red is a little shocking to see spreading through the water, and yellow, well yes, it looks like a big tub o’ pee.  But the kids don’t care.

dropz it like itz hot


I don’t get any kickbacks for writing about these products. I just like them. I should look into that kickback thing though…

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