Admissions of a Tired Mom – Part Two

1. I just noticed I hung the kids’ curtains upside down. They’ve been that way for years.  I may need a remedial course in drapery.

2. I recently cleaned out my purse.  You wouldn’t know this by looking at the contents, which include: stylin’ sunglasses for the 2-year-old set, a Chuck E. Cheese whistle, a kazoo, a Batman band-aid, lollipops, a bright green necklace that doubles as a teething toy (Chewbeads!) and, of course, a binky.

Mom Purse, Clean

Mom Purse, Clean


3. Clearly, Pickle has been watching too much Wild Kratts lately. He wants to be either a Peregrine falcon or a Harpy eagle for Halloween.  I’m pushing Spiderman cartoons, because that costume is much easier.

4. On everyone else the hairstyle is “beachy” or “tousled” but on me it’s just “messy.”

5. I already ordered my Christmas cards. I am equal parts happy and ashamed.

6. As part of our bedtime routine I spray “Sweet Dreams Spray” in the big kids’ bedroom.  Last week I ran out of the chamomile and lavender pillow mist I usually use, so I used Elnett instead.

Hairspray away the monsters!

Hairspray away the monsters!

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