Books of 2016!

I set a lofty goal for 2016 – to finish 25 books.

I didn’t make it.

But I DID read 20 books. Over 8,000 pages. Not too shabby!  (I track my reading using Goodreads which syncs to my Kindle).

Here are my 20 books of 2016:



My least favorites of the bunch?

  • The Paying Guests (too long, not particularly compelling, and I just didn’t care about the characters very much)
  • Shrill (I wanted to like it, but I felt like it was billed as something new, brash and fresh, and it just wasn’t)

My favorites of the bunch?

Goals for 2017?

  • Read 25 books (I just finished my first book of 2017 – The Muse)
  • Finish the Harry Potter series (I am planning to read these to my children, and wanted to read them all myself, first)
  • Finally read The Goldfinch (it has been on my nightstand for 2 years)
  • Read at least 3 non-fiction titles. I’m thinking Between the World and Me, When Breath Becomes Air and Born to Run will make the cut. Speaking of…
  • Listen to Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography Born To Run on audio book (an awesome Christmas present from my dad!) I was going to read it in hardcover, but Bruce reads the audio book version himself. I’m a big fan (I’ve been to 50 shows!) and the book is poetry, so I’m going to dedicate my commute to listening. And yes, I’m counting it in my 2017 total.

Do you have any reading goals for 2017? Suggestions for books you think I’d love? Books to avoid?  Please let me know!  And connect with me on Goodreads, too!

Happy reading!

2 thoughts on “Books of 2016!

  1. Hey Cate! I read a couple of those books this year, too. I loved Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore and am still contemplating juxtaposing it with things I encountered in Todd Rose’s The End of Average in an essay, but I don’t know that I’ll ever get around to it. And I adored Ove, though maybe his love for Saabs didn’t hit me as deeply as it would you.

    I really enjoyed Between the World and Me though I still find myself wrestling with some aspects of his thinking, and that is what makes it so powerful. I did jot down quite a few moving passages: “America understands itself as God’s handiwork, but the black body is the clearest evidence that America is the work of men.”

    Have you read any of Charles Portis’s work? He wrote only five novels, but they are really good. My favorites are Gringos and True Grit, though “true” Portis fans insist that True Grit, though great, doesn’t give you a proper taste of Portis’s sense for the eccentric.

    And while I know you’re reading Harry Potter in print, I ended up listening to the last two books in the series and adored the reader–they’re some of the best read audio books I’ve ever listened to.

    Happy New Year and happy reading!

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