Sew What?

I can’t sew.  I mean, I made a teddy bear when I was in 8th grade.  I’ve stitched a straight line to finish some Ikea curtains. But when I’m poking around the internet, looking at the cute clothes I often think to myself, “I could make that!”  Now, it is very likely that I could not make that.  But I have inherited the “I could make that” gene from my mother.  Only problem is that she – my mother the Home Ec teacher, and master crafter – CAN indeed, make that.  I DO own an amazing sewing machine (that She-Who-Can-Make-That bought me).  But so far, just looking at it isn’t getting anything accomplished.  Shocking, I know.

I could make this, right?

Itti Kid cuteness

I probably couldn’t make this.  But doesn’t she look just like a beautiful little giftie from Tiffany?

Kate Quinn Organics - so lovely!

Cuteness overload.

Baby Boden - I love you. Like, so much.

Important note: these companies don’t know me, but I love their clothes, and they shouldn’t worry about me actually copying their designs, unless simply looking at a sewing machine somehow magically creates a garment – and as mentioned previously, no luck there so far.

Second important note:  Mr. Pickle Pumpkin is a boy.  And gestating plum baby is an unknown.  Does drooling over dresses mean we’re looking at double XX chromosomes this time around?  Stay tuned…