Admissions of a Tired Mom – Part 6

1. I bought more personalized stationery.  I couldn’t help it.  It has rainbow unicorns on it.  (Yes, I am aware that I am 37 years old.) It also has woodland creatures.  And apparently I have a thing for woodland creatures.
Unicorny.  This is the Animal Tale stationery from Tiny Prints.

Unicorny! Animal Tale stationery from Tiny Prints.

2. Those big crystals of sugar they put on the top of muffins? I HATE THEM. Stop wrecking my muffins!


3. I wrote a list of things that I really should do to make my life feel more comfortable, well-rounded and full.
  • Read – really read – a poem every day (or heck, at least once a week).
  • Have fresh flowers around.
  • Grow something (not just children).
  • Have a nice bed.
  • Eat more fish and more green things.
  • Go to the theatre – and not just musicals.
A pretty good list.  And while my mattress IS of legal drinking age and needs to be put out of its misery, my list also offered me some lovely perspective. It doesn’t contain items like survive, heal, or feel respected and loved so maybe I’m doing alright.


4. I’m pretty sure most people drink too much water, or think they need more water than they do. Really.


5. My mom was right about a lot of things:
  • As you get older, your hair gets less greasy. Thankfully, true! 
  • You should keep track of the Christmas presents you give, so you can keep things even and avoid giving the same gifts 2 years in a row. Yes. You think you will remember, but you won’t.
  • There is value to comfy undies. Duh. I have no idea why my sister and I fought her on this one.
  • Sometimes you will forget which baby is in the baby picture. I didn’t think it was possible to be unable to recognize your own children in photos, but sometimes I’m baffled even though I birthed them!
A Pickle, a Plum and a Pistachio.  Who is who?!  I have no idea!  (Actually I do, because I assembled the collage, but you get my point...)

A Pickle, a Plum and a Pistachio. Who is who?! I have no idea! (Actually I do, because I assembled the collage, but you get my point…)

Admissions of a Tired Mom – Part Two

1. I just noticed I hung the kids’ curtains upside down. They’ve been that way for years.  I may need a remedial course in drapery.

2. I recently cleaned out my purse.  You wouldn’t know this by looking at the contents, which include: stylin’ sunglasses for the 2-year-old set, a Chuck E. Cheese whistle, a kazoo, a Batman band-aid, lollipops, a bright green necklace that doubles as a teething toy (Chewbeads!) and, of course, a binky.

Mom Purse, Clean

Mom Purse, Clean


3. Clearly, Pickle has been watching too much Wild Kratts lately. He wants to be either a Peregrine falcon or a Harpy eagle for Halloween.  I’m pushing Spiderman cartoons, because that costume is much easier.

4. On everyone else the hairstyle is “beachy” or “tousled” but on me it’s just “messy.”

5. I already ordered my Christmas cards. I am equal parts happy and ashamed.

6. As part of our bedtime routine I spray “Sweet Dreams Spray” in the big kids’ bedroom.  Last week I ran out of the chamomile and lavender pillow mist I usually use, so I used Elnett instead.

Hairspray away the monsters!

Hairspray away the monsters!