I Need My Eyes Checked

I read a lovely post today on Rants from Mommyland about THE BLUR – that crazy, busy, and absolutely foggy time when children are very young.

And yes indeedy, I’m in the thick of it.


I’m glad I have photo evidence of the last year, because I don’t remember much of it.  I looked through the photos on my cell phone the other day, and thought to myself, “Where did the last year go?”  And it wasn’t a wistful, sighing question, it was a real one, pondered by a tired, and bufuddled mom. It was more like “Holy crap, I’m losing it.  Where the heck did the last year go?!” I am glad I have photo evidence of me, the kids, activities, and adventures, because I can’t even recall what I had for breakfast this morning.

I used to have a brain.  I swear I did.

More evidence of The Blur?

When I read fluffy magazines during my three trips to hair salon per year (that is a problem in and of itself) I have no idea who the people are in the “Who Wore It Better?” features.  Not a clue.  I never believed my mother when she told me she didn’t know any popular music or culture from 1977-1987.  But now I believe her.

And do you know what happens on a regular basis? Someone will reference a current event – local, national or international – and the exchange will go something like this:

Someone: Wow, did you hear about that train derailment/child abduction/monetary crisis?

Me: Yeah, awful, huh?

In reality, I never have any idea what they’re talking about. None. Zip. Zero.

And then there is the classic driving-halfway-to-work-before-you-realize-you-are-listening-to-Wee-Sing-Silly-Songs-and-singing-along.  Once a week.  Okay, twice. Okay, every day.

The Blur is real, and I’m IN IT. And it is kind of hysterical.