Gratuitous Gratitude.

I recently started a little project on Facebook – a 50-day countdown to Thanksgiving.  Every day I post three or four or five things I’m for which I am grateful.  Some are big, some are little.  But I’ve found it is a nice way for me to reflect upon the many good things in my life.  It is a little Oprah-ish, I know.  One of my FB friends teased that by the end of the 50 days I’m just going to be listing items in my house – he may be right.  But I’m going to see if I can do it.

I plan to do a little recap here every 10 days – and flesh out a few of these with explanations.  Plus, it will help me to have the entire list in one place so I don’t list “coffee” and “sleep” 23 times each.  I am very very grateful for both.  Usually on alternating days.

50 Days of Gratitude – My Thanksgiving Countdown

Things I am Grateful for…

Days 1 through 10

  1. My son potty-trained himself (At 27 months. The kid is a rock star – I claim no credit for this – this is his success, and not a parenting success – but oh, I do love that he is diaper-free!)
  2. My daughter smiles and claps for me when I go to get her in the morning (Great on those days when I’m feeling un- or under-appreciated!)
  3. Antibiotics (Little Plum went three rounds with a nasty ear infection, but I think it is down for the count! At least for now…)
  4. A good night’s sleep (See #3)
  5. Pancakes (Perhaps someday I’ll post my Dad’s super-best-ever buttermilk pancake recipe.) 
  6. Small towns
  7. Traditions
  8. Tim Gunn (I just think he’s lovely.  I’d love to have tea with him.  But of course, I would have nothing to wear…)
  9. Caffeine
  10. The camera on my phone (What did I read recently? Something like, “The best camera is the one you have with you.”  I love my iPhone, mostly because of the camera – I’ve captured some amazing moments with it.  But it should be mentioned that I also love my iPhone because Siri recommended dumps, unincorporated land, and funeral homes when I asked her where to dump a body.)
  11. Sundays (Slow pace, pajamas and numbers 5 and 12.)
  12. Bacon
  13. Long naps (Plum isn’t so good at this, so when we get one we relish it!)
  14. Clocks with hands (My mother gave me a traditional, locally-made mantle clock for Christmas last year, and I love it. And it means that my kids will learn to tell time on a non-digital clock.)
  15. Beetles (Mr. Pickle and I love watching these little guys crawling around the house.  I fear the ones in our house are actually stink bugs, though, and refuse to google them.)
  16. Washing machines
  17. A warm house (A warm house with a thermostat I can control and turn up as high as I’d like.  How lucky am I?)
  18. My mom and dad
  19. Handwritten notes, mailed, with stamps
  20. Broccoli cheddar soup
  21. Owls (C’mon, look at that face!)
  22. Cuddling with my Mr. Pickle everyday and sniffing his sweaty stinky little boy curls (He has recently come to love cuddling with me, and I can’t get enough.)
  23. White noise machines (With a noisy toddler in the house and a baby who is a light sleeper, these are required.) 
  24. Colorful Post-It notes
  25. My job (Not what I expected to do, but I feel respected, the job is interesting and I really enjoy and respect my co-workers – pretty good if you ask me!)
  26. Fresh flowers
  27. Bedtime (For my kids AND for me!)
  28. Mascara (My hair may be a mess, there may be kid schmutz on my shirt, and I may be half asleep, but at least I can look half awake!)
  29. A spouse who can lovingly laugh at me and at himself
  30. Jellybeans (Especially the pectin ones.)
  31. Small gestures
  32. Grilled cheese sandwiches (I like them all but I adore provolone, pesto and tomato sandwiches.  So so good.)
  33. Bruce Springsteen
  34. Lula (My sweetest little half-eared cat, who thinks she is our first baby.) 
  35. Dry shampoo
  36. Pizza
  37. Neighbors (You know who you are!  We sometimes gather for take-out or just wine on Friday nights. We think they’re great!) 
  38. Fleece
  39. My bestest sister (I need to figure out a way to talk to her more, because she is so good for me, and always has great insights and makes me laugh.)
  40. Target (I have $75 Syndrome.  I can’t walk out of there without spending at least that much.)
  41. Pesto (See #32.)
  42. Wine
  43. Cashmere (If I looked good in, or regularly wore bathrobes, I’d be lusting after one made from soft and lovely cashmere.  The number of cashmere sweaters I own?  I’m not telling. But many goats have suffered.)
  44. Pedicures
  45. Marriage
  46. Rocking my little dear heart to sleep (Plum is a happy dumpling, but not a great eater and not a great sleeper. I know rocking her to sleep will bite me in the arse later – or now, she is 7 months old after all – but it is such a nice, cuddly, connected time with my sweet milk-mouthed little one.)
  47. Beef stew
  48. Gift certificates

Stay tuned for days 11-20!