Things I Love Thursdays

Stick-eez Clothing Labels by Oliver’s Labels

I have 6.5 years of labeling experience now and I can state with confidence that my favorite labels are the Stick-eez Clothing Labels made by Oliver’s Labels.  They are meant for clothing, but I’ve put them on everything.  They are tiny (a feature I prefer) and they survive the washing machine just as well as they survive the dishwasher. The designs are great and totally customizable.  We are currently loving the Eric Carle “Brown Bear” themed labels.  Plum was two before I figured out that if I put only my family’s last name on the labels I could use them for the entire family!  (Duh.)  They aren’t cheap, but they are worth it (says the woman who has recently purchased 3 replacement water bottles because she forgot to label the first two. Ugh.)



One-Man Band Toy by Vilac

What a cool toy! I might even travel to France to buy a few of these for my nieces and nephews.  C’mon, what kid wouldn’t love this?!  I do think, however, that the parents of said nieces and nephews are probably glad this toy is so far away and so hard to get.



Casco Bay Butter Co.

I’m pretty sure good bread with good butter is one of the world’s most perfect things. Truly. Simple and indulgent. You have to try these amazing butters made in Maine by the Casco Bay Butter Co.  I’m a sucker for the traditional sea salt, but every one I’ve tried is excellent.  Blue cheese butter melted over a steak?  Garlic and herb butter stirred into mashed potatoes? Yes, please!




(Links are for your convenience only.  I don’t get any money – or free butter – for recommending this stuff, it is simply stuff I think is great.)

Daycare Translations…


What the teacher says, “Mr. Pickle Pumpkin was a little sensitive today.”

What the teacher means, “Mr. Pickle Pumpkin was a disasterous, inconsolable, screeching, whiny, crying mess today, and got on every last one of my nerves.”

Ten toddlers every day?  I think I’d be pretty sensitive.

Daycare Translations…


All of the cute little pickles are referred to by name until there is an “incident report.”  On the incident report, they are referred to only as “friend”.


“Today, Mr. Pickle Pumkpin’s friend bit him.”

“Mr. Pickle Pumpkin’s friend hit him in the head with a truck.”

Some friend!

We’ve asked him to point out the perpetrators in his class photos, but toddlers are notoriously unreliable witnesses, even if they, themselves, are the victims of the crime.


Mama Time!


I needed a day like today.  And I’m not going to feel any mommy guilt about it.

Happy Full Term to me!  37 weeks today.  I still can’t believe it.  Until my heartburn kicks in, the Plum Baby wiggles, I try to hoist myself off of the couch or walk, etc.

Sidenote: Clearly the heartburn is making an impact not just on me, but on my son. He has started imitating me burping.  No joke.  It is at the same time hysterical and terrifying. He says, “Mama, brrrap!”  Awesome.  Really.


I dropped Mr. Pickle Pumpkin off at daycare – and then, I did whatever I wanted to do.  Except nap.  I didn’t fit in a nap.  And I didn’t do anything exciting.  But the day was all mine.  And it was sunny.  And I drove here and there and listened to the radio.

I got myself some breakfast.  I got myself a NEW PHONE.  (Hooray!  Though, I now need a new computer too.  Typical.)  The new phone was a gift from my sister, and I think I am now in love with an electronic device.  J’adore!  Next, I went to the Carter’s outlet and bought Plum Baby two new bring-me-home outfits – one in pink and one in blue (okay, I got a few more things too).  I took myself out to lunch at a place that has the world’s best non-alcoholic beverages with free refills (I drank my weight in yumminess, for reals), I ran some errands, I did a little laid-back grocery shopping.  I got myself a huge bunch of beautiful organic raspberries (yum), a new book and 4 scratch tickets (cheap ones, but it still felt like a bit of an indulgence).  I took a long shower.  I picked Mr. Pickle Pumpkin up early.  I had a nice dinner with my parents.  They sent me home with leftovers (score!), and Mr. Pickle and I had some nice cuddle time before bed.  I made hubby some homemade mac and cheese, paid some bills, and I’ll go to bed early.


I didn’t install blinds, or do any laundry, or clean.  And I didn’t go to work.

I should do this a few times a year.  I think it is is certainly restorative.  And probably makes me a better mama.

And in more good news… my own mom is feeling better, Bethanny Ever After is back, AND I have a haircut scheduled for this week.  Win, win, win! Stay put a few more days Babykins!

Maybe I’ll ask Siri when I’m going to deliver…

Daycare Characters – Part 2

Title: The “Something’s Off” Mom

Physical characteristics: Well put together. Appears organized, coiffed, calm.  Children are well-behaved, well-groomed and well-dressed.

Qualities: Smiles sweetly. Not very chatty. Drives a mini-van with a curiously inappropriate bumper sticker, that reads something like, “Back off or I’ll flick boogers on your windhsield!” or “If you’re going to ride my ass, at least pull my hair!”  One fashion element per day that is baffling and not at all in keeping with her otherwise well-kept appearance – examples: a hair snood, orange lipstick.

Pros: Really fun to see what fashion choice she will make each day.

Cons: Ten minutes of valuable sing-along-with-the radio-on-the-way-to-the-office time spent quietly pondering 1) what exactly she was thinking when she got dressed and ready in the morning and 2) where she buys her lipstick.

Daycare Characters – Part 1

Title: The Chatty Dad

Physical characteristics: Attractive, may or may not have dimples, usually with a cutesy nickname that is some derivation of his last name (‘”Macky” for MacAlister, “Smitty” for Smithman). May or may not have his nickname on his license plate.

Qualities: Strong handshake, gift of gab, occasionally tells stories that the listener has a hard time figuring out the point of, high potential for over-sharing family matters or issues.

Pros: Not schmoozy, kind of endearing in a Golden Retriever kind of way, always smiling.

Cons: Tendency to want to gab long enough that he makes you late for work, over-sharing can lead to uncomfortableness.

Knowing too much? Knowing too little?

I’m working on the balance thing.  But I must have forgotten about it when I agreed to be on the Board of the non-profit child care center where Mr. Pickle Pumpkin goes.

Today, I am regretting my choice.

It was a long day, not a bad day, but a long one.  It involved the typical running around in the morning after a unusual amount of middle-of-the-night-wake-ups for Mr. Pickle Pumkpin (7?!).  And it was a long day at work. I was still breathing a sigh of relief from my normal ultrasound yesterday – the emotion of that wasn’t quite clear to me until after it was over. People at work were grumpy. It was raining.  I was missing my little boy who, because of poor scheduling and other life matters, I feel like I haven’t spent nearly enough time with in the last two weeks.

So the board meeting today, with talk of daycare mistakes (no children harmed, but bad choices made), staff issues, lying, crying, loyalty, work ethic, cliques, and people just generally being unkind to one another, did my head in.  I was too raw, too tired, just worn out. And at times like that I tend to pick up a little of the sadness and carry it with me.  Today, I just didn’t want to know.  I wanted to be a normal parent, who picks up their little one from the place they’ve placed their trust in, and finds a happy, dirty little boy, glad to see me.

I took this position because I wanted to know what happened behind the scenes.  I wanted to have a chance to help make it a great place. I wanted to give my time to a place that cares for my son three days a week.  But today, I let the bad stuff impact me too much and wished I knew a little less.

Would you rather know too much or too little?