What WILL they think of next?

There are some amazing products out there for moms and babies.  Some of these celebrate birth, some make life as a mama or baby easier, some are completely unnecessary, but also completely cool.  And then some are just weird.

We make a million choices as moms (and dads!) and one mama may think ______ (fill in blank with one of the 8 million baby and mama products out there) is absolutely necessary for their peanut, another mom will think that _____ is ridiculous.  I think baby wipe warmers are over the top.  But I know moms who wouldn’t live without them.  So it goes.

But the other day I ran across a real head scratcher.  A mom invented a product because she was sad that there were no accessories for her child’s feet.  What?  She was sad that there was nothing decorative for her child’s feet. Really? This thought has never crossed my mind.  Sure, I have a son and not a daughter, so perhaps frills and flowers have been outside of my realm of thought.  But decorated feet?  Feet?  Aren’t kiddo feet cute enough?

Sweetheart Blooming Wrap by Toe Blooms

They look itchy to me.  Or tickle-y. And cold.  And are a good example of accessories gone too far.

(Oooh! I have just noticed that there are also ToeBuds for boys!  They look kind of like garters with buttons on them.  For $21.)

Another head scratcher?  Just about everything that come up when you search “placenta” on etsy.  What made me do this in the first place?  No idea.  Absolutely. no. idea.  Don’t do it.  Needless to say that I won’t be saving, and drying bits of my placenta and adding them to a necklace.

By SArenity Birth Designs

Any mama or baby products that make you scratch your head?