50 Days of Gratitude

Days 21-30

97. Chapstick

98. GPS

99. Incident on 57th StreetThis is a Springsteen song – the favorite of many long-time fans.  He doesn’t play it in concert too often.  But my sister and I got to see it in Hartford.  She has been to about 20 shows, and has never seen it live.  The energetic fan next to us was so excited to hear it, he cried.  No really, he did.

100. Hotel points – I used to take surveys online for hotel points which I then traded in for airline miles.  It was time consuming and annoying, so I stopped.  Besides, I don’t fly with small children if I can help it. But I just happened to have enough points for an overnight stay with my sister after the Springsteen concert.  Win!

101. Water

102. Linemen (and women)

103. Lox – It must be the Swede in me.  I love me some smoked fish.  Speaking of… have you ever been to Barney Greengrass?  Go.  It’s yummy. And hysterical.

104. Dogs

105. Reconnecting

106. Leaf piles

107. Scalloped potatoes

108. Cousins playing together

109. Quiet drives

110. Blessings – Miss Plum was baptized a few weekends ago.  It was lovely to be surrounded by family, and Plum sure did look cute in her puffy white dress.  She screamed every time the priest came near her.  I couldn’t help but think, “That’s my girl!” (Says Sarky, ducking from the lightning…)

111. Onion dip – I made this for a party recently and it received rave reviews.  Was it fancy and gourmet? Nope.  It was the recipe on the back of an envelope of Lipton Onion Soup Mix.  Mayo + sour cream. How can you not love it?

112. Zito and my BTX friends – BTX is a Springsteen ticket exchange, where fans sell their extra tickets to other fans at face value. Scalpers be damned!  Back in 2003 a magical little community of friends was created through this ticket exchange.  It was a very interesting way to meet lots of great folks from all over the world.  And while it is strange to count my interwebs friends as true and close, that is what many of them are.

113. Floss

114. Power

115. Helpers

116. Luck

117. Morning

118. Gatherings

119. Creating new traditions and memories – This Halloween, the grandparents came to us.  We had dinner, handed out candy, and did some trick-or-treating around the neighborhood.  It was great. I hope the tradition continues.

120. Fresh eggs – In New Zealand, “eggs” is pronounced “igs”.  An American friend asked a supermarket employee where she could find the “eggs” (they are in the baking aisle and not refrigerated) and was told that the store carried no such thing. Ha!


121. Letterpress – Old-fashioned, luxurious and lovely.  Do I have 35 letterpress studios bookmarked? Maybe.  My wedding invites were from Bella Figura.  They were perfect.  Did I spend too much money? Yes.  Did my guests likely not notice the detail and end up throwing them away? Probably.  But do I regret my choice?  Absolutely not.

122. Pepper jelly

123. Cannoli – In the Mike’s v. Modern race, I’m voting for Modern. Every time.

124. My neighborhood

125. Manners

126. Bag Balm – Diaper rash? Chapped lips? Hangnail? Have a cold and a sore, raw nose from too much blowing? Dry feet? The name is unfortunate, but the stuff is a miracle.  You know the father in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”?  The one who thinks Windex is the cure for all that ails you? Yeah, I’m kind of like that with the Bag Balm.  Opa!

127. Health insurance

128. Leftover Halloween candy

129. Food delivery (have I ever used it? No. But I like knowing that I could!)

130. Feather pillows

131. Clean babies

132.Good books – Who has some suggestions? The stack on my nightstand isn’t speaking to me.  

133. Travel mugs

134. Challenges

135. Cardigans

136. Girlfriends

137. Those rare occasions when my son still wants to be rocked and sung to sleep – I made it all the way through “Puff the Magic Dragon” the other night and only choked up once. “Dragons live forever, but not so little boys…”

138. The approaching end of political ads

139. Fresh mozzarella

Stay tuned for days 31-40…