I am suffering from a bad case of “meh”.

I’m not hungry, bored, thirsty, tired, excited, or busy.  Or perhaps I’m a little bit of all of those things.  I’m somewhere in the middle.  Somewhere where I can’t get motivated.  Somewhere where I start a bunch of little projects and finish none of them.  Somewhere where I feel like sitting on the couch doing not very much.  Or I feel like going out and doing something.  I just can’t make up my mind.  Meh.  That’s how I feel.  Meh.

Things that will probably help my case of “meh”…

1. Taking a shower.  What?  What is that you say?  It is 3 in the afternoon?  Well gee, you’re right. Shaddup.

2. Finishing the pots and pans project my husband started for me.  He pulled out ALL of our pots and pans (before I was quite ready for him to do so – thanks, Honey) and put them on my kitchen counters and dining room table.  The goal was to move a bunch of the lesser-used objects to the basement (popover pan?  bundt pan? collection of mini gratins?) and put the oft-used stuff in the front where it really belongs.  Plus, I got some brilliant All-Clad Stainless for Christmas, and I want to get cookin’ with that stuff!

(Aside: My father is an amazing cook.  But he has passed on his terrible habit/trait of cooking for 12, when only 4 are eating.  And I’m not a big fan o’ leftovers.  This is one of the reasons I got a freezer (currently plugged in and humming!).  But it appears a bunch of the cookware he got me for Christmas – which is lovely, incredible stuff – is sized for an Army Mess Hall.  I need bigger cabinets, for sure.)

3. Turning on some sweet tunes.  I played Christmas carols 24/7 during the holiday season.  And I grew up with speakers in every room, and music drifting upstairs in the morning.  I miss the tunes when they’re gone.  Silence is overrated.  Some music would be good for my “meh”.