Mommy Wars – My Two Cents

The recent cover of Time Magazine has caused quite a kerfuffle.  Not shocked.

Here are the basics. Moms judge each other. Moms say, “Stop judging!” Moms keep judging.  Repeat.  I don’t expect this to stop.

It is the same old story this time around too.  Mamas are poo-pooing other mama’s choices, the attachment parenting crap, the stories about which mama is doing it better, doing it more, making better mama choices…

Here’s the thing.  All mamas – no matter how high and mighty – worry that they’re doing it all wrong. There is no other job on earth like it – you work your arse off, for no pay, and there is no guarantee of success.

In the end, we’re really raising little people to be their own people, to leave us, and to function in the world. I, for one, am skeptical that attachment parenting does anything to help raise well-adjusted, healthy little humans.  Perhaps it allows moms (because it is always moms, isn’t it? Sheesh.) to say to themselves, “I did everything I could!” when their little brat turns into a big brat. Who knows.

In the meantime, if you don’t…

…breastfeed until the wee one is old enough to get a learner’s permit

…breastfeed at all


…baby wear

…stay home

…cook all of your bebe’s food

…sew Halloween costumes

…remember to bring a birthday snack

…sign up for music/swim/art/gymnastic classes

Don’t worry.  Your kid would have been screwed up anyway.

And stop judging already.