The Land of Misfit Bloggers?

I am a toy gun that shoots jelly.

A train with square wheels.

A doll that cries real tears. (Okay, this one always freaked me out a little bit.  It just seemed too deep and serious, and not full of playful Christmas-ness.)

I guess I am a mommy blogger.  Because I am a mommy.  And a blogger.  But I’m having trouble defining myself… finding my voice… understanding why I feel compelled to do this.

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs.  And most mommy blogs fall into these categories (some even fit into several!)…

1. Miscarriage/fertility issues

2. Green mommies

3. Great mommy cooks

4. Working mommies with high-powered careers

5. Christian mommies

6. Mommies who have suffered PPD

7. Frugal mommies

8. SAHMs

I guess I almost fit into a few of these.    But not really.

Are there other bloggers out there like me?  If so, where?

My name is Sarky T.  I’m a mommy of 1 (with another on the way) who is…

…trying to live a balanced life

…while working full-time

…while saving for retirement

…while making time to have fun

…while attempting to live with kindness

…while nurturing my relationships

…while seeking health and balance

…while making positive social change (or at least not screwing things up too badly)

…while raising reasonably well-adjusted kids (okay, I’m really hoping I just don’t mess them up too badly)

…while learning more about myself and the people and world around me.

And perhaps I should add – while trying not to drive myself and those around me crazy with my seemingly unattainable goals.

So… am I Herbie, who wants to be a dentist?  Or are there other mommy bloggers out there like me?

Let me know.  And watch out for the Bumble.

Say No to No!

I try to be a relaxed Mama.  But I’ve found myself saying “no” a lot lately.  Granted, Mr. Pumpkin Pickle is almost 17 months old, loves to climb and test limits. He is creative and fun.  But I’ve realized there are too many “no’s” lately.  I’m vowing  here and now to try to be better about embracing “yes” or even “sure, go ahead and try that.”

Of course, I try to keep him safe, and teach him right from wrong.  But I noticed that I was saying “no” because whatever he was doing, or about to do, was inconvenient for me.  For example, he loves to move shoes around the house, lining them up, stacking them up, knocking them down, hiding them in the cat food bin.  I was telling him “no” because shoe wrangling and round-up was turning into an annoying part of my every day routine.  But through his shoe play, he is exploring balance, order, and matching – isn’t that what he is supposed to do?  So I’m vowing to pick my battles more carefully, to encourage his exploration even if it means a little more work for me.  I’m not going to say “no” just because he is doing something that is going to make a small mess or inconvenience me.  I will say “no” to teach him manners and kindness, keep him safe and avoid huge messy disasters (like the Cheerio incident from the other night!).  Otherwise, I am embracing the “sure, try that!”