Things I Love Thursdays!

Last week I posted about a Lands End bag…

This week I’m going to go Lands End again.

Crazy, I know.

Today’s TIL is another baby gift I received that I have since given to other new moms.

When Mr. Pickle was born, he received this lovely Scottish lace blanket.  It was monogrammed with his name and birthday.  It was soft and lovely, and the perfect light summer layer, when opened all the way up, or slightly warmer fall layer when doubled up.  He still uses this blanket at daycare. He is a sweaty kiddo, and the light, cuddly, soft layer is just what he needs at naptime.  Plus, it launders really well, so I can get the daycare germy ickies off of it each week.  My only gripe is that the monogram looks a little cheesy on the reverse side, since the blanket is so lightweight.

Lands End Wheels Lace Baby Blanket

Imagine my excitement when the same friend sent the pink version of the blanket to Miss Plum B!  Equally lovely and soft, and I sure am a sucker for a monogram.

Lands End Bunnies Lace Baby Blanket

There are three choices for this blanket, the pink bunnies (9 squares), the blue trucks (9 squares) or the teddy bear blanket, which is one big teddy bear design, that comes in white, blue or pink.  They cost $25 each and can be monogrammed for $6 more.  Like last week, I advise you to look around for a promo code or Lands End sale – you can often get free shipping and a percentage off.  If you’re shipping directly to a new mom, skip the gift box option for another $6, because the gift box is lost on a new mom, and you already get to open the shipping packaging!

PS – As noted previously, Lands End doesn’t know me. Actually, I’m pretty sure no one in Wisconsin knows me.  Wait, maybe one person does. Anywho, I just really like these blankets, and that bag, and some other really good Lands End stuff. 

Things I Love Thursdays!

Back to our regularly…

…er, semi-regular…

…er, sometimes I get around to posting about things I like.  Sometimes I do this on Thursdays.

My latest TIL!

Add together my complete rejection of all things cool with my dislike for most diaper bags with all of their stupid zippers, compartments and silliness and you end up with this…

Lands End Medium Open Top Shoulder Tote

(Please forgive the cheesy model lady in the photo.)

This bag is PERFECT.  I got it in pink for Miss Plum.  It is large, but comfortable to carry with an adjustable shoulder strap (for the times you’re toting 2 kiddos plus their stuff into daycare) and smaller handles. There are lots of monogram options and the monogramming came out oh-so-cute. There are four pockets sewn into the inside of the bag (in the chosen color!), but there is still one big open space to put stuff. Love love love. Have I mentioned I love this bag?  Better than ANY diaper bag I’ve seen or used.

I love it so much I bought 2 (with monograms, of course) for friends with new babies.  The bag comes in 3 colors – pink, aqua, and navy.  And here’s the kicker – it is only $27.99!  Add a monogram for $6 and some shipping/tax and you have a fantastic new baby gift for under $40.  Lands End regularly runs promos for % off plus free shipping, so you may be able to get it for even less. One of the bags I just bought cost a grand total of $28.61 – that includes the bag, the monogram, the shipping and the tax!  WINNER!

PS – The folks at Lands End don’t know me, I just really really really like this bag.  A lot.