Midweek Morsels

A few little morsels for your Wednesday afternoon…


I’ve been listening to The Moth podcast for years, but this story from their pilot episode is still my very favorite.  They replayed it a few weeks ago and I laughed just as hard.  It is the story about Matthew McGough’s first day as a Bat Boy for the New York Yankees.  I’m not going to spoil the story.  Grab a cup of coffee and give it a listen.



I Bet You Didn’t Know…

At least once a day, someone I don’t know looks at my feet.  Really.  I’m an inch shy of six feet.  When I walk into a restaurant or store, strangers note my height and then glance at my feet to see if I’m wearing heels or I’m really that tall.  Next time you see a woman who is pushing six feet, I bet you’ll do the same.  (I suppose I should use this as an excuse to buy really amazing shoes.)

Perhaps these? So lovely! So impractical for a NH winter! Or a life spent chasing three small children!

Perhaps these? So lovely! So impractical for a NH winter! Or a life spent chasing three small children!


Instagram Favs

History Photographed is just that.  But the photos are interesting, and sometimes surprising.

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Early 1900s Lumberjacks.

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The original Addam’s Family set photographed in color.

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Nitch has beautiful and interesting portraits of famous folks – authors, artists, actors – paired with quotes by them.  I look forward to these showing up in my feed.

What NOT to Get People for Christmas

I’m not sure how I stumbled upon this this hysterical, and strange Etsy store?  The Jennifer Mills Store is completely random, mostly tacky and really expensive (everything costs $999.99).  I’m sure it is a joke.  Right? I mean it has to be.  Items for sale include:

Val Kilmer Paper Doll Kit - only $999.99.

Val Kilmer Paper Doll Kit – only $999.99.


Whoopee Cushion for Rich People - it is bedazzled!

Whoopee Cushion for Rich People – it is bedazzled!


I <3 Email Necklace - CLASSY.

I ❤ Email Necklace – CLASSY!

Happy Wednesday, All!

Insect Invasion?

My wardrobe isn’t huge, but I do have my fair share of threads.  And unfortunately, I don’t have much space in my dresser.  So I store a good portion of my tops in a hand-me-down blanket chest from Mr. Husband’s stepfather’s father.

And I hate it.

Because it stinks.

Like mothballs.

I can’t get the smell out of the chest and return it to its cedar goodness.

And I wonder where all the moths have gone.  Clearly, they used to be a big enough problem that people filled their closets, dressers, basements, to the brim with toxic mothballs to keep them away.  They like to eat wool, right?  Maybe we just wear less wool?  (Not me, I have a wool/cashmere addiction… it’s really unhealthy.  I’d never be caught dead in a cotton sweater – to me that’s like wearing a wool swimsuit.  The textiles should match the garment type! Okay, stepping off my strange textile soapbox…)

I’m worried about the little mothies.  Bats like to eat them right?  Are there more bats? Maybe the excessive mothball usage did them in?

Such a mystery.

What is not a mystery is that my clothes stink. So instead of lovely piece of jewelry, or a vacation, or a housekeeper for a year (hm, I actually wish I had thought of that before) I have asked for a push present (the ethics of a push present will be discussed at a later date) to solve my problem.  I want a big, beautiful, mothball-less blanket chest in which to store my cashmere.  Fingers crossed that Mr. Husband comes through on this one!

Off to ponder the disappearance of little dust-winged moths some more…