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50 Days of Gratitude – My Thanksgiving Countdown continued…

The countdown to Thanksgiving continues.  I’ll admit, sometimes at the end of the day it is hard for me to come up with more than 2 things.  And usually one of those two is “sleep” or “bedtime” or some permutation thereof.  But I’m still going, and I’m more than halfway there.

You can find my first 10 days of gratitude here.

Things I am grateful for…

Days 11 through 20

49. Dragonflies

50. Sweet and surprising things Mr. Pickle says in the midst of the daily madness that catch me off guard – tonight it was an unprompted, “Thank you for dinner, Mama” while we all sat eating together

51. Hearing a great/fun/memory-full song on the radio that I haven’t heard in ages (The other day it was Phish’s “Bouncing Round the Room” and I was right back in high school again.)

52. English Breakfast tea

53. Junk food TV (My husband makes fun of me, but I am not ashamed to admit that I like Long Island Medium. I do. And I’m tempted to tune into Duck Dynasty, too. I have not yet reached the level of Honey Boo Boo, though.)

54. Drinking straws (The number of bendy straws I go through is irresponsible. Surely, I am contributing more than my fair share to local landfills. I feel guilty, but not enough to stop using them.)

55. Internet shopping (I have started my Christmas shopping, but only because it is so much darn fun to hunt for bargains and great gifts online. In case you’re wondering, I have not purchased the unicorn mask for anyone… yet.)

56. The overwhelming kindness and support of my friends

57. Night swimming (The activity AND the song by REM.)

58. The quiet of snow (I once heard something about sound waves travelling differently- or not at all? – through falling snow. I should probably look that up. But in the meantime, I think it is true and the stillness, and quiet it just amazing.)

59. Coordinated naps (Can I get an “Amen”?!)

60. The big freezer in my basement

61. Iced coffee

62. Gummy vitamins

63. Laughter

64. Flying, leaping hugs

65. My wise, old soul little girl, who loves “Goodnight Irene” better than any other song

My pensive 7-month-old.

66. Patience

67. The ability to participate in our political system

68. Pacifiers

69. Dental care

70. Flannel sheets

71. Legal pads (I inherited my love of legal pads from my father.)

72. Weekends

73. Love

74. Malbec

75. April, Jena and Christine (Different backgrounds, different ages, different life paths, but the same loving supportive friendship.  I am so grateful for them.)

76. Gold sunshine on an October afternoon

77. Tylenol

78. ATM machines

79. Leftovers

80. Roasted garlic (Or any garlic, really.)

81. Giggles (Is there anything better than hearing wild giggles emanating from your son and daughter while they play with their dad? Nope, there isn’t.) 

82. Adventures

83. Pajamas

84. Perspective

85. Cole slaw

86. Rock ‘n’ roll

87. New Zealand (I lived there in 2002 and I left a part of my heart there.)

88. Greek yogurt

89. Good hair days

90. Silliness

91. Monogramming (I can’t help it. Please don’t ever get me a labeller – it wouldn’t be pretty.  My daughter just received this blanket from Pottery Barn Kids and I love it. So does she.  If I had to guess, this blanket will quickly become her lovey.  Added bonus?  The gift giver had it monogrammed with her name!)

92. Nieces!

93. Oatmeal raspberry squares

94. Coffee, but not just any coffee, coffee that is the absolutely perfect temperature with just the right amount of 1/2 and 1/2.

95. My husband, who is unreasonably patient and kind, with me and with the kiddos

96. Baby bunnies (A co-worker raises amazing fluffy bunnies so she can shear them and spin their fur/hair into yarn.  One of her mama bunnies had 6 little ones, and I can now state, without hesitation, that baby bunnies are indeed the cutest things on the planet. Or probably the universe. Puppies are in the Top 10, as are kittens.  But bunnies top the list. No question.)

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With love from…

Dear Coworker,
No matter how much you try to convince me otherwise, calling Thursday “Mini-Friday” makes absolutely no sense.
Very truly yours,

Dear Front Desk Person at the Gym,
Yeah, I tried to scan my membership card the wrong way. Yeah, maybe I haven’t been to the gym in a while. So what? DON’T JUDGE ME.
S. Tartlet

Dear Life,
I know you are often unfair, but just knowing that doesn’t make it any easier.

Dear Dinner,
Please cook yourself tonight.

Dear Mr. Pickle,
You are amazing.  And loving.  And silly.  I want to tell everyone how awesome you are, all the time. And yes, of course, I’ll read you another book, even though it is way past bedtime.
Love and hugs,

Dear Netflix,
We are not meant for one another.  Our relationship is not healthy.  I don’t make time for you, and you just take take take from me.  But I just can’t quit you.
Sarky Tartlet

Dear Bachelorette Emily,
I hope you pick Jef, even though his hair is weird and so is the spelling of his name.
A Viewer

Dear Reader,
Yeah, I watched The Bachelorette this year. What’s it to ya?
– S.T.

Dear Plum,
Thanks for being so reasonable.  And so cute.  And smiley.  And for being patient with me as I figure out this whole girl clothes thing. And please forgive me for letting the cat scratch your little head.
Hugs and love,

Dear Universe,
Thank you for the 1.5 hours of coordinated naps yesterday.  It rocked my world.

Dear Weekend,
Please hurry.
Warmest wishes,

Yes and No


… to not scrimping on toilet paper. Don’t buy the cheap stuff!

… to shoe repair

… to sometimes choosing comfort over cost (in our case, setting the winter thermostat a few degrees higher, oil costs be damned!)

… to naps

… to reading the Travelzoo e-mails even though you know darn well you’re not taking any fabulous vacations in the near (or even not-so-near) future

… to stalking friends’ baby and wedding registries (live vicariously, I say!)

… to sometimes facing the 6am sleepies because you were up way too late reading a great book

… small, everyday kindnesses


… to air fresheners – this includes scented candles (I know, blasphemy!)

… to silk flowers (with rare exceptions)

… to fake sugars

… to Tom Brady – I’m supposed to like him, but I just don’t.  And I think he looks like Lurch from The Addams Family:

… to fake butters

… to most commercials whose demographic is 25-34 year-old males

… to baby/kid books that are shorter than the blurbs on their back covers (and while I’m at it, I am also firmly against the terrible, stumbling rhymes found in way too many kiddo books – moth/move? flush/whoosh? Argh!)

… those weird cotton tops that look beaded, tie-dyed, and printed all at once.  Overload.

… any color diamonds other than clear.