Things I Like Thurs… er, Saturday.

I’ve been slacking on Thing I Like Thursdays but it’s not because I have run out of things I like.  So, I’m back at it!


I decided the other day, after seeing a super cute rug with white bunnies and orange carrots on it, that bunnies and carrots would be the theme of the nursery for Baby Plum.  It is different, it is mostly orange, which is kind of gender neutral, it isn’t overdone, and I didn’t find it annoying.  So I started my search for non-feminine or silly orange and bunny nursery items.  I do realize how ridiculous that sounds.

I realized only later that perhaps I was attempting to relive a bit of my magical childhood.  I had the most amazing rabbit wallpaper in my nursery/childhood bedroom.  I still remember it vividly. It was brown rabbits, dressed in clothes, living life in a little village.  Sounds weird, but it was lovely and whimsical.  My mother remembers that she just had to have it, even though it was a huge stretch financially to buy it.

So imagine my joy when I ran across a sweet little toile rabbit nursery linens (click on the images for links to the site)!  It doesn’t look anything like my wallpaper did, but it is rabbits, dressed in clothes, doing everyday activities! (Again, I do realize how wacky I sound.) It is a little expensive for me, and perhaps a little feminine if I end up with male Baby Plum, but I think it is just lovely.  I want it for my own sheets.  My husband is patient, but I think human-bunny sheets might push him over the edge…

Cottontail Blue Toile from Carousel Designs

The cuteness is overwhelming!

Coming in a close second, and perhaps more appropriately gender-neutral green, is the nursery rhyme toile, also from Carousel Designs.  Adore!

Nursery Rhyme Toile from Carousel Designs

A Room of Her Own?

Right now, at this very minute, I’m guessing that plum baby is a girl.  Sure, I could be wrong.   But at this very moment, she is a she.  But we didn’t find out the sex of Mr. Pickle Pumpkin, and we’re not going to find out with this little peanut either.  It was so nice to have my husband, Mr. T, introduce our little guy to me, after much ridiculous pushing.

Today we were talking about nurseries.  We’re trying to decide which kiddo will get which room.  And we’re discussing paint, furniture, bunk beds, new carpeting, and the money we are lacking to make all of these changes.

Mr. Pickle Pumpkin’s room has an under-the-sea theme.  It is primarily blue (we had a feeling that he was a he!) but is lovely and bubbly and green and blue. It is on the boy side of unisex, but I think we could add some purple and make it girlie loveliness.  And save a chunk of change in the process.  After all, no baby shower for baby dos!

That said, I kind of feel like Plum deserves her own bedding. So I’ve been checking out some of the lovelies.  I’ve nixed the safari theme (overdone?) and owls are what all the cool kids are doing, so I’m not going to go in that direction either. Seuss isn’t my favorite, and growing up the chubby chick, I just can’t bring myself to do an elephant theme.  Can red be a boy color?  Would the character rooms drive me crazy after a while?

Red!  I hadn’t even considered red, but I love this…

I admit, I’m more in the Beatrix Potter camp than the A.A. Milne camp…

I have 2 lovely wall hangings (thanks to she-who-can-sew-beautifully – aka my mom) by Eric Carle.  One is the rising sun, and the other is the moon.  Love them.  And I found Eric Carle wall decals at Target, so this set is in the running too!

Note: Pottery Barn doesn’t know me from Adam.  I just think a bunch of their stuff is cuteness squared!