Things I Love Thursdays

And here we are again.

It is February.  And that means it is cold, and dark (but getting lighter!) and I’m in the thick of the most challenging part of my year.  But all is well!  And the kids are (at least for today, and this minute) healthy!  Though there is a constant, unyielding stream of snot at my house.  SO MUCH SNOT.  Ugh.

So here is a mid-winter installment of TILT for you – fun, light and lovely things to offset the seasonal blahs…


Tulips! They start arriving at my local grocery store in mid-January.  Ten stems for $4.99!  I buy them every week because they make me happy every time I see them.  I fill a vase with ice and water, trim the stems and pop them in, and they last for 7-8 days without drooping.


Milestone Baby Cards from Anthropologie.  I’m sure you’ve seen the stickers or blocks that are used as props in baby photos?  You know, the ones that say “One Month Old,” “Two Months Old,” and so on and so forth?  These are similar.  They are the modern, iPhone era version of a baby book entry.  And they are adorable.  They would have been perfect for Pistachio, my third, who is in a lot of photos, but whose baby book is pretty sad and empty.

Click on the photo to be brought to the Anthropologie page.

Click on the photo to be brought to the Anthropologie page.

The kate spade champagne bottle clutch is ridiculous and impractical, but maybe that’s why I like it? 


Heather Ross fabrics designed for Windham Fabrics.  These make me want to sew things.  Or quilt things.  Or make cute smocks, and dresses for my children and friends’ children. Only I don’t actually know how to do any of those things.  Maybe someday!  I just adore the Tiger Lily and Briar Rose collections.   

Briar Rose Collection by Heather Ross

Briar Rose Collection by Heather Ross


My favorite from the Tiger Lily Collection.  Ms. Ross was inspired by her childhood summers in Vermont.

My favorite from the Tiger Lily Collection. Ms. Ross was inspired by her childhood summers in Vermont.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all – I hope you get lots of love and chocolate.  And maybe some tulips, too.

Sew What?

I can’t sew.  I mean, I made a teddy bear when I was in 8th grade.  I’ve stitched a straight line to finish some Ikea curtains. But when I’m poking around the internet, looking at the cute clothes I often think to myself, “I could make that!”  Now, it is very likely that I could not make that.  But I have inherited the “I could make that” gene from my mother.  Only problem is that she – my mother the Home Ec teacher, and master crafter – CAN indeed, make that.  I DO own an amazing sewing machine (that She-Who-Can-Make-That bought me).  But so far, just looking at it isn’t getting anything accomplished.  Shocking, I know.

I could make this, right?

Itti Kid cuteness

I probably couldn’t make this.  But doesn’t she look just like a beautiful little giftie from Tiffany?

Kate Quinn Organics - so lovely!

Cuteness overload.

Baby Boden - I love you. Like, so much.

Important note: these companies don’t know me, but I love their clothes, and they shouldn’t worry about me actually copying their designs, unless simply looking at a sewing machine somehow magically creates a garment – and as mentioned previously, no luck there so far.

Second important note:  Mr. Pickle Pumpkin is a boy.  And gestating plum baby is an unknown.  Does drooling over dresses mean we’re looking at double XX chromosomes this time around?  Stay tuned…