A porcupine in my throat…

This Mama was down for the count.

Strep visited 3 of the 4 family members and I was the third. When I felt a strange burning on my tongue I hoped for the best. But I was up at 2:30 that night, pretty miserable, and making calls to my doctor’s office (did you know that the answering service can make appointments?! Most excellent!).

The doctor’s office swabbed me to confirm (rapid strep tests, also most excellent) and sent me packing with a prescription and directions to lay low for a day while those antibiotics started working. Kids at school, I called work, told them I was in quarantine, had them send me some work, picked up my prescription and went home to change into my pajamas.

Here’s the thing about being home sick.  It is hard not to look around my house and see things that need doing. In my mind, I had laid out my plan for the day.  The plan consisted of mostly work, with just a few “I’m-sick-but-not-on-my-deathbed” housekeeping tasks thrown in.  Work 3 hours, change sheets, put away laundry, change diaper genie, take out trash, return library book, start dinner, work three more hours, get kiddos. Sounded good to me.

But you know what?  My plan was dumb.

I was tired.  I was sick. And I was (am!) 6 months pregnant.

Mamas, self care is too often sacrificed for the sake of laundry. Aren’t we smarter than that?

Laundry is never going to go away.  But hopefully, with rest, fluids, and Amoxicillin, strep throat will.

So I amended the plan.  Housekeeping triage.  I removed the stinky things from the house (trash and diaper genie), made some tea, did some work (but not enough) while sitting on the couch in pajamas, and took an hour-long nap.  Much better.

The laundry will still be there tomorrow – and yes, there will be more of it – but I’ll be feeling better.


I have a cold in my nose…

I sound like Rudolph when they make him wear that silly black nose cover.

Snerrfle, snort, snot.

I spent the day at work using up their tissues and hand sanitizer.  I should have been home.

I need a nap, a day of bad daytime TV (though I can still proudly say I’ve never seen an entire episode of a daytime soap straight through!), and some good old fashioned, knock-me-out cold medicine.

But I have a toddler, a full-time job, just about no time off left, and I’m pregnant, which means that most of the good cold medicines are off limits.

Plus, I’m stuck in that mom rut – I know that if I actually had a day to sit around and do nothing, I wouldn’t be able to do it.  The to-do list that runs through my head at 2am would haunt me.  I’m beginning to understand why people take vacations.  On vacation (not a stay-cation), there is no dry cleaning to be picked up, no runs to the store, no appointments to schedule, no gifts to be wrapped, no halls to be decked, no dust, no cat to be fed.  Forget a day off… I’ve changed my mind, I want a vacation.

But I’ve decided that tonight, I’m ordering Chinese food.  I’m letting my amazing husband pick up most of the childcare duties.  I’m not going to scurry around the house picking up messes, toys and dishes when I get home.  I’m going to hug my boys, put on my PJs and we’re all going to eat our dumplings under a quilt, in front of the Grinch.  And then, instead of scurrying around doing more cleaning, or wrapping, or e-mail responding, or whatever, I’m going to go to bed.  I may even beat my 18 month old to the pillow.

And the best part?  I’m not going to worry about all the stuff that I’m putting off for another day.


The Color is PINK!

But not girl pink, ew yucky pink.

I get pink eye, conjunctivitis, yucky eye goo.  I get it at least once a year.  Some people get strep when their immune system gets weak, some get cold sores.  Me?  I get pink eye.


Usually it starts from my allergies.  Or my cat sleeping on my face.  Or me being overtired.  Or one of the 100 kids at my son’s daycare.

Besides the itchiness and goopiness, the most annoying part is THAT I HAVE PINK EYE.  This is only about one step above LICE on the scale of icky yucky contagiousness. I feel like typhoid Mary. I usually I try to stay out of work lest I be shunned and scorned for spreading my contagious yuckiness.  But sometimes, like today, I have to work.  And today when I worked I made the situation worse – I LIED. And I don’t even know why!  Perhaps to avoid the words, PINK and EYE. And big scarlet letters “P” and “E” being emblazoned on my chest.

I told one girl I stabbed myself with a mascara wand.

I told someone else I had allergies.

I told someone else a bird pooped in my eye.

Okay, I didn’t say that last one.

Next time I’ve got the goop going on, I’m coming clean. No more lies. I’ve got to own up to these stupid weak eyes and just say it, “Yeah, I’ve got pink eye.  Again.  And I’ve been rubbing my eye all over your phone, the copier, the door handles, the sink handles, and your purse. Wanna make something of it?”