You Get What You Need

I want a cup of tea.

Not herbal. The real stuff. With milk and sugar.

And I want someone to make me popovers.

Which I will eat warm with a little butter and cinnamon sugar.


I want someone to wash my duvet cover and then put it back on my comforter. Because if we’re honest with each other, that is a four-person job.


I want a week to declutter, shuffle and reshuffle, purge (stuff, not vomit – though both usually make you feel better), think about writing something, nap.


I want dinner to be done, meals planned. But really, I want to do that stuff myself.

I want a bedside clock for my husband that isn’t the brightest clock on the planet.

I want the socks paired.

Oh the socks.


I want not to worry about the four RSVPs, camps, birthday party to plan.

I want to be grateful that I have parties, camps, birthday parties to worry about.

I want new work shoes that I don’t have to break in.

I want to use the hours between 8:30pm and 10:30pm wisely at least once a week.

I want to figure out how on earth to spend more time being and less time doing.


I want to cook every day. Walk every day. Sleep more. Pick up less. Read to my kids more. Explore more. Love more. Give more.  Fight more for the things I think are worth fighting for. And sit on a blanket on the grass in the sun.


I want to spend more time doing silly and creative things, and less time wondering what could have possibly spilled on the floor to make it that sticky.  I want more time with my kids. I want more time with my husband. I want more time by myself.

I want more time having grown-up conversations. With wine. I want more music in my house. I want less dust. I want my kids to eat less yogurt.


I want more dancing in my life.


And I want the thank you notes to write themselves.


Humbling Plenty

I do love Thanksgiving.  Warmth, friends and family, with some gratitude and gravy thrown in?  Yes, please.

Grateful, thankful, a life full of noise, laughter, work and fun. Full of dancing, silliness, and so so many tiny articles of clothing.

There isn’t a word big enough.   Nothing encompasses the goodness, and fullness, the humbling plenty in my life.

I am so grateful for my husband and the life (and people!) we’ve created together.

I am so grateful for my loving family.

I am so grateful for my generous, genuine, thoughtful, gentle, and funny first.

I am so grateful for my spunky, interested, clever, determined, adaptable, silly second.

And I am so grateful for my cuddly, curious, pleasant, reasonable, thinking third.

Real Reason by Brian Andreas  Image from

Real Reason by Brian Andreas
Image from