Indeed, there’s a baby in there.

We had our big halfway ultrasound yesterday.  Sigh.  (That was me breathing a sigh of relief.)  Baby Plum has all limbs and parts, and valves and other good things that ultrasound shows us.  And the high risk specialist we saw (because my anatomy is a little unique) told me that we’re just an inch over the line from normal. So I don’t need to be followed by him, and I can expect (as much as anyone can ever expect) a course sort of like my last pregnancy.  Phew.

I didn’t realize I had been holding on to anxiety about this visit, but I guess I was.  We chose not to do any prenatal testing, so hearing good news was comforting.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe we’re doing this again.  Sometimes it doesn’t feel real. Sometimes, when I’m busy running around chasing a (now) 17-month-old I forget I’m even pregnant.  So different than the first time around!

I fear the madness that a newborn and a second child brings, but I am excited. And now that we’ve seen the little peanut wiggling around, I’m allowing myself to feel a little more excited. Now, to get planning and preparing.  Ack.  My “a-new-baby-is-coming-a-new-baby-is-coming!” to-do list is so daunting, I’d rather hide under the covers with my fingers in my ears looking at a blurry little photo of Baby Plum’s profile…

Baby Plum - 19 weeks