Knowing too much? Knowing too little?

I’m working on the balance thing.  But I must have forgotten about it when I agreed to be on the Board of the non-profit child care center where Mr. Pickle Pumpkin goes.

Today, I am regretting my choice.

It was a long day, not a bad day, but a long one.  It involved the typical running around in the morning after a unusual amount of middle-of-the-night-wake-ups for Mr. Pickle Pumkpin (7?!).  And it was a long day at work. I was still breathing a sigh of relief from my normal ultrasound yesterday – the emotion of that wasn’t quite clear to me until after it was over. People at work were grumpy. It was raining.  I was missing my little boy who, because of poor scheduling and other life matters, I feel like I haven’t spent nearly enough time with in the last two weeks.

So the board meeting today, with talk of daycare mistakes (no children harmed, but bad choices made), staff issues, lying, crying, loyalty, work ethic, cliques, and people just generally being unkind to one another, did my head in.  I was too raw, too tired, just worn out. And at times like that I tend to pick up a little of the sadness and carry it with me.  Today, I just didn’t want to know.  I wanted to be a normal parent, who picks up their little one from the place they’ve placed their trust in, and finds a happy, dirty little boy, glad to see me.

I took this position because I wanted to know what happened behind the scenes.  I wanted to have a chance to help make it a great place. I wanted to give my time to a place that cares for my son three days a week.  But today, I let the bad stuff impact me too much and wished I knew a little less.

Would you rather know too much or too little?