Things I Love Thursdays

July is very nearly here!  Summers really do fly.  And even though our routine is pretty much the same – I still work full time and my kids are in camp/school/daycare – somehow summer feels more magical than it ever has before. I love it.

A few favorites I’m getting around to sharing.  This time I’m sharing some of my clothing favs.

Alice + Ames

These dresses are just my favorite.  They do cost more than I’d usually spend but they are well made, the colors/patterns are beautiful, and the fabric has just enough stretch so that the dresses are super comfortable (according to Plum, at least).  The best part? THE TWIRL!


Note: the selection online is currently pretty limited – I believe they are due to restock soon.  In the meantime, I’ve been eyeing this mustard dot Sunday dress…



Keen “Bug Shoes”

Pistachio (almost 2 1/2) needed a second pair of closed-toed sneakers to wear at school so I got him some funky Keens with bugs on them.  He adores them! They have held up beautifully and they’re really cute, though they do look slightly clownish with their big green toes.  The only negative is that the tongues are thin canvas and need wrangling every time we put them on.



Mini Boden Dinosaurs

A while back Mini Boden launched a line of clothes for girls that feature dinosaurs.  They are adorable – and I’m so happy when I can get Plum something that doesn’t feature a kitten, some sort of food product (so much ice cream and candy on girls’ clothes!) or Elsa.  She has the shirt, but I may look around and see if I can find a dress on sale somewhere (supplies at the Boden website seem limited).  RAWR!

16GSPR_31966_GRY 16GSPR_33415_DIN


In other happy TILT news, the strawberry Vans I got for Plum a few months ago have become her favorite pair of shoes.  Though I need to give them some TLC since they are now brown.  I’m considering replacing them, or perhaps getting her a new pair in rose gold leather.  Because 1. leather doesn’t get quite as dirty, and 2. every gal should own at least one pair of gold shoes.



Happy 4th to all!


(PS – As always, links aren’t affiliate, they’re just there for your convenience.)

To Pickle at Five

More than four, less than six

I kiss your tangy sweaty little boy head as you push me away.

There is sand in your hair clinging to your scalp.

Because you were doing somersaults in the dirt.

I should have known.


In early evening you sit, tired from a day spent figuring out the workings of the world, inside and out.

Your little brother crawls over you.  And over you again.

You don’t mind. You barely look away from the program on the TV.


You have grown so capable.

Limbs lengthening. Now all muscle and bone, and soft tight skin.

New freckles dot your nose. Your teeth used to seem so big.


Last week we saw the planets, and marveled at the vastness of the universe.

How this goes around that, and that goes around this.

And I marveled at you, my boy, who entered this world face up, eyes open.



Happy belated birthday to my dearest Pickle, a kind and generous boy who has only just started being a little too cool for my kisses.

Close up

Here’s Looking at You…

I don’t know what to call my children.

Oh, I know what to call them to their faces: their names, love, my love, sweetie, pickle, pickle pie, doodle.

And I know what to call them here: Mr. Pickle and Miss Plum.

I just don’t know what to call them when I am referring to them individually.

Because in most instances, I don’t like the word “kid.”  I know. Weird.

It sounds strange to me, almost low brow. It sounds condescending. It sounds mean, “Hey Kid! Get off of my lawn!”

It clangs against my brain like hearing people refer to their spouses/wives/partners/girlfriends as “the old lady” (in my house that is grounds for immediate, no-contest divorce).

The only people who gets passes for using the word “kid” are boxing coaches, bookies, and Bogart.

Plural? That doesn’t bother me. “My kids are great, thanks for asking!” or “Time to go gather the kids from Grandma’s house!”

I know I’m not the only one with a weird word aversion. My college roommate (and about 30% of the population, it seems) doesn’t like the word “moist.” (Pondering: I wonder how they would describe their perfect cake?)

So here’s the problem… I can’t figure out the right word to use. Sometimes it just isn’t appropriate to use their first name (for example, looking for shoes in a store, the sales person will think I’m weird if I say, “Mr. Pickle needs shoes,” since he/she doesn’t know Mr. Pickle.)


  • Child – too fancy-formal-pants-y. And a little Priest-ly? (Not 90210 Jason Priestly – the Churchy, collared type.)
  • Kiddo – I don’t mind it, but recently it has been seen on some lists of overused words/phrases alongside amazeballs, awesome sauce, DH, hubby, OMG, and Ryan Gosling.
  • Peanut – No.
  • Kidlet(te) – I like this one, but I sound like a schmuck saying it out loud. And it maybe too close to “piglet”.
  • Son/Daughter – Probably the best option, though a bit formal.

So what are your word aversions? And how do you refer to your offspring? Inquiring minds want to know…